How ABC Taxis are driving into a cleaner, greener future.

Here at ABC Taxis, we are proud to be setting the standard in effective, reliable, first-class transportation. From our base here in Norwich, we have a keen focus on promoting a cleaner, greener environment in the interest of the next generation.

With climate change already an alarming problem, ABC Taxis is doing its bit to contribute to the solution. One BBC article reports that a regular taxi emits 210 grams of CO2 per kilometre, whilst coaches only emit 27g and an average petrol car emits 180g per km. Fortunately, ABC Taxi’s planet-saving eco-fleet is more than just ordinary taxis. Or should we say less?

Changes in the climate and its subsequent effects are becoming more and more evident so ABC Taxis is doing its part to help with the solution. According to the BBC, conventional taxis emit around 210g of CO2 into the atmosphere per kilometre and your average petrol car releases around 180g. This is where ABC Taxis prides itself in being more than your regular taxi service. Many of our vehicles have emission levels as low as 86 g/km thanks to advanced hybrid car technology.

What are hybrid vehicles?

In order to maximise fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, hybrid vehicles intelligently transition between electric and gasoline engines. With seamless transitions from gasoline to electricity at lower speeds, vehicles like our Toyota Prius emit significantly less carbon dioxide when stuck in traffic or travelling through suburban areas. Our vehicles all charge their electric motors while their petrol engines are running, reducing the amount of energy needed to refuel our cars at charging stations.

Impact on Emissions

By transitioning to a hybrid vehicle fleet ABC Taxis has so far been able to offset 836,097 miles of car travel and save 337 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere.  Currently, we have  300 green cars and that number will increase as we focus fully on the future and the environment at ABC Taxis, and continue to focus on reducing the amount of carbon we discharge into the atmosphere.

Why so eco-minded?

It is ubiquitously heard. A climate emergency exists right now. Scientists estimate that the harm we are doing to the earth will be irreparable if it continues at the rate of increase for the next 5-10 years. Transport accounts for 50% of carbon emissions in the UK and this is why ABC Taxis has made the decision to act RIGHT AWAY. As one of the UK’s most stunning green places and biodiverse ecosystems, Norfolk is a national leader in green energy research. ABC Taxis has the power and obligation to make a genuine impact on the future of our planet.

Where we’re going…

We’ll be driving you on eco-friendly trips for years to come with our clean, effective taxis. Book ABC Taxis over the phone, through the ABC Taxis app, via Facebook Messenger, or through our online booking system for a sustainable taxi ride from a business that cares about the future! By travelling with us, you can join us in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Because of our collaboration with Ecologi, ABC Taxis is still fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Through a variety of programmes, projects, and climate solutions, the money ABC Taxis donates directly affects atmospheric CO2 levels. In an effort to be more ecologically conscious, we have added hybrid vehicles to the ABC fleet and have made significant investments in cutting-edge automotive technology.

With over 300 eco-friendly vehicles in our fleet, you can be sure that ABC Taxis is taking every step to provide you with the best taxi service possible with as little impact on the environment as possible.