ABC Taxis Click and Collect Service

With continued uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 lockdown restrictions over the following months, and with current measures and restrictions in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus it means, we again have to stay indoors.

Current restrictions means, we again have to stay indoors.

Guidelines state that we should only go outside for shopping for essential items and collecting medication. Those who are able to should work from home. For the added convenience, and as a measure of safety, many have made use of online shopping services for their groceries.  However, supermarkets and pharmacies are now struggling to keep up with the demand and there is an increasing lack of delivery slots available.  This puts our elderly and our vulnerable more at risk, as they have been advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks.

ABC Taxis are doing our part ease lockdown life for those stuck at home with our new click and collect service. We’ve introduced the new feature to our mobile phone app that provides users with the ability to book a taxi to collect groceries, pharmaceuticals, takeaways and more on your behalf.  Our drivers will pick up your goods from any supermarket, chemist or local independent store and deliver your items directly to your address.

ABC Taxi drivers will pick up and deliver your goods from any supermarket, chemist or local independent store through our new click and collect service.

As long as you have pre-paid for your shopping from the store, you can use the ABC Taxis mobile phone app to send a taxi to collect it.  Simply follow the easy steps to use the ABC Taxis click and Collect service.

A. Download the ABC Taxis App

Our app is available from the Apple Store and Google Play and uses Strong Customer Authentication that takes a small amount from your registered bank account to verify the authenticity of the account.  More information about this process can be found in our frequently asked questions.

B. Click the cart button

Download the ABC Taxis passenger app and click the Cart icon to use our click and collect service.

Once you have successfully registered on the ABC Taxis app navigate to the top right-hand corner to the shopping trolley icon and open the menu.

Fill out the details on our mobile app and take advantage of the ABC Taxis click and collect service.

Here you will be presented with a number of fields required for you to book your collection service.  Simply populate the form with;

  • ‘Delivery pickup location’
  • ‘Delivery drop-off location’ 
  • Your name 
  • The type of delivery
  • Order Tracking ID 
  • Payment method
  • If you wish you can add any additional delivery instructions for the driver

C. Book your collection and delivery

Track your taxi in real time on the ABC Taxis Mobile App.

Click Book Now and you will receive confirmation that your groceries are on their way.  You can also track your delivery in real-time using the interactive dynamic map provided.  Our drivers will follow strict social distancing measures and ensure that you receive your items in a timely and professional manner.

Supporting the local economy

Are you a small business owner in Norwich that wants to offer your customers a click and collect service?  Take advantage of the ABC Taxis mobile phone app click and collect service to drive your business through the Winter.  We promise to do everything in our power to ensure that your customers are able to get your product through these difficult times.

Simply download the app from Google Play or Apple Store, order a taxi using our click and collect service and have our driver pick up the items directly from your business and drop them off at your customer’s address.  You can even streamline the process by setting up a business account with us.

Supporting the Environment

ABC Taxis ae proud partners of Ecologi.

With over 250 vehicles in the ABC taxi fleet and heavily invested in reducing our carbon footprint, we have seen the addition of hybrid vehicles to the fleet increase drastically over the last few years.  Most recently we have teamed up with Ecologi a partnership that allows ABC Taxis to provide direct support to environmental initiatives, projects and climate solutions.  The impact that ABC Taxis funding has on the environment is quantified by our carbon offset, and this is facilitated through the planting of new forests around the world.  More information on the work of Ecologi, the volume of trees planted and even purchase orders for the land where the forests are located can all be found on the Ecologi website.  For more information about the positive impact, ABC Taxis is having on the environment visit our dedicated Eco Page.


An In-Depth Look At Our Eco Fleet

At ABC Taxis, we prioritise efficiency as well as the comfort of our drivers and passengers alike. As a company, we are conscious of the effects of road transportation on the environment. That is why our eco fleet of taxis consists entirely of top-of-the-range hybrid cars and efficient minivans. Curious about our eco vehicles? Join us on an in-depth tour of their key specifications and highlights to find out what makes them comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. 

(Please note that all of the below vehicles are available with a variety of options, and we have selected particular ones to give you an idea of their specifications. The below specifications do not apply to all of our cars.)

Toyota Auris Estate

toyota auris estate
The Toyota Auris Estate, via Auto Trader

The Toyota Auris Touring Sports (aka estate) hybrid is well-known as a reliable and competent vehicle. The more recent revival of the Corolla in hybrid form (which also features in our fleet), has largely replaced the Auris as Toyota’s go-to hybrid car. However, the Auris still has many admirable features, including its unfussy, functional design and spacious interior. 

The Auris hybrid is often complimented for how relaxing it is to drive thanks to its supple suspension and minimal noise both inside and out. It also has a spacious boot which makes it perfect for taking passengers to the airport or train station. 

Specifications (1.8L VVT-i Hybrid):

Power 134bhp / 100 kW
Battery capacity6.5 Ah
Top Speed112 mph
0-60 mph11 secs
CO293 g/km 
Emissions standardEuro 5
Fuel consumption70 mpg
Luggage Capacity507 L

Because the Auris has been around since 2009, it is not the most efficient of the hybrid vehicles available today. However, Toyota is a trailblazer in the world of electric cars, having released the first hybrid Prius in 1997. The Japanese manufacturer has proven time and time again that they are committed to constant innovation, and this can be seen in the newer hybrid Corollas. 

Toyota Corolla Estate 

toyota corolla estate landscape
The Toyota Corolla Hybrid, via Carbuyer

Named Car of the Year 2020: Hybrid Winner by WhatCar?, the Toyota Corolla Estate Hybrid is an undeniable industry leader. The especially efficient and smooth-driving new models have taken the Hyundai Ioniq’s place at the top of the ranks. Unsurprisingly, the car has excellent reviews, with frequently mentioned pros including its efficiency, super smooth handling, seamless transitions between electric petrol and electric power, spacious interior, and roomy boot. 

Specifications (1.8L VVT-i Hybrid):

Power 120 bhp
Battery capacity3.6 Ah
Top Speed111 mph
0-60 mph8.5 secs
CO276 to 83 g/km 
Emissions standardEuro 6 AM
Fuel consumption55.4 to 65.9 mpg 
Luggage Capacity598 L

Hyundai Ioniq

Many of our cabs at ABC taxis are Hyundai IONIQ Hybrids

The Hyundai Ioniq is also a leader in its field and a muti-award-winning one at that. The best thing about this hybrid vehicle is its ability to drive on electric power only, and therefore to travel decent distances (up to 39 miles for the Plug-In Hybrid) with zero emissions. In many ways, it is similar to the Kia Niro – both cars are sold in three electrified forms: a hybrid model (petrol engine + electric motor), a plug-in hybrid (with a bigger battery that can be charged externally for more range), and a pure electric vehicle (EV). 

Unlike many hybrids, which are fitted with CVT, single-speed gearboxes, both versions of the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid have a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, making it much smoother and quieter than the average CVT. The interior design of the Ioniq furthers the car’s exceptional efficiency, with lightweight materials selected specially to reduce the vehicle’s weight and fuel consumption. The car also has great aerodynamics, with a class-leading drag coefficient of only 0.24. 

Specifications (Hybrid 1.6 GDI):

Power 141 bhp
Battery capacity1.56 kWh
Top Speed115 mph
0-60 mph10.8 secs
CO284 g/km 
Emissions standardEuro 6d-Temp
Fuel consumption78.5 mpg 
Luggage Capacity443 L

Toyota Prius

A Prius+ hybrid car, via Toyota

As we have already mentioned, the hybrid Prius has been around for over 20 years, and it has evolved significantly over that time. Named Green Car of the Year 2016 by Auto Express, the Prius can drive at up to 36mph on electricity alone when sufficiently charged (if you’re gentle on the accelerator), meaning it is exceptionally quiet and relaxed for driving in the city. 

At motorway speeds, the petrol engine kicks in for additional power, but drivers say this is unobtrusive and still relatively quiet, emitting little more than a faint drone during steady driving. If you floor the accelerator, however, the CVT gearbox will send the revs shooting up and cause some engine boom. The Prius Hybrid is popular for its low servicing costs and excellent fuel economy, even when set to four-wheel drive. The Prius is also the most efficient non-plug-in hybrid. 

Specifications (1.8L Petrol Hybrid Automatic):

Power 122 bhp
Battery capacity7.2 Ah
Top Speed112 mph
0-62 mph10.8 secs
CO275 – 84 g/km 
Emissions standardEuro 6DG
Fuel consumption59.6 – 67.3mpg 
Luggage Capacity502 L

Mercedes-Benz Vito 

The Mercedes Vito Panel Van, via Motor1

The Mercedes Vito is a popular minivan among taxi firms, as it is designed to be ideal for urban operations and frequent recurring trips in terms of its efficiency. There are many options to choose from in the Mercedes Vito range, including diesel engines, the fully electric eVito, panel, crew, and tourer vans, and even the black cab edition. 

The Vito Tourer van offers comfortable seating for up to 9 people, as well as plenty of room for luggage. It’s available in various options, including three vehicle lengths and two trim lines, meaning the van is customisable and versatile. Many of these models include BlueEFFICIENCY packages as standard, meaning they come with smart eco features such as ECO start/stop which turns of the engine when stationary, a smart alternator which recharges the battery when coasting or braking, and rolling-resistance optimised tyres.  

Specifications (114 Tourer Pro L2 Auto):

Power 102 bhp
Battery capacity N/A
Top Speed120 mph
0-60 mph11.8 secs
CO2171 g/km 
Emissions standardEuro E6
Fuel consumption44 mpg 
Luggage Capacity550 L

KIA Niro 

Kia Niro

When talking about efficient cars and especially top-of-the-range hybrids, the KIA Niro is another one that is sure to be mentioned. Thanks to its SUV-like design, the Niro has a comfortable, spacious interior that allows for a natural seating position in the front and the back, as well as an excellent view of the road. 

The Niro Plug-In Hybrid, like most EVs, is practically silent in electric mode, and even its fuel engine is very quiet, making it very pleasant to drive. The regular hybrid, too, is often praised for the seamless (and nearly imperceptible) way the petrol engine and electric motor work together via its six-speed automatic gearbox. Like most hybrids, it also has a regenerative braking system to recover energy. 

Specifications (1.6 GTI Hybrid 3):

Power 139 bhp
Battery capacity8.9 to 15.6 kWh
Top Speed101 mph
0-60 mph11.1 secs
CO2100 g/km 
Emissions standardEuro 6
Fuel consumption65.7 mpg 
Luggage Capacity382 L


By riding with ABC Taxis, you can rest assured that the utmost care has been taken to ensure efficiency and comfort. We care not only about customer satisfaction, but we are also committed to doing our part to reduce non-renewable energy consumption, harmful emissions, and even noise pollution thanks to our expertly selected fleet of eco-cars.