ABC Taxis Quiz | Put Your Norfolk Slang to the test!

Ar yer orrite bor?

Norfolk’s dialect is rich with slang terms that put our individual stamp on the English language. Even if you haven’t been here long, you’re bound to pick up a few. Even if you haven’t been to Norfolk at all, some of our words have ventured out! Ever been frazzled? Norfolk invented being frazzled. So you don’t get yourself lost in a loke, ABC Taxis has put together a Norfolk slang quiz. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Hope you had fun with our quiz! There are plenty of ways to get better with your Norfolk Slang. Friends of Norfolk Dialect (FOND) has a fantastic glossary and a library of interesting books on the subject. Of course, there’s no better way than to just get out there and see the county for yourself. For taking a trip to deeper Norfolk, just give ABC Taxis a ring or a message!


ABC Taxis’ Favourite Norwich Lunch Spots serving you through COVID

There’s no thing so forgiving in regards to city living (and remote working) as the ability to pop out at midday and grab a snack. With the amazing variety of food spots here in Norwich, a simple lunch can feel like luxury. For some of us who are creatures of habit, it can be hard to break out of the comforting (but eventually tedious) routine of making the same sandwich every day. Luckily, the mixture of fresh air, sunny weather and the simple act of stretching your legs does wonders for your drive to break out of your routine and eat something wonderful and new. This is ABC Taxi’s guide to the best places for flavour.

Churros for the People


In the red corner with their sizzlingly smokey chorizo sandwiches is a Norwich Market favourite. If you’re looking to spice up your everyday sausage bap, Churros for the People’s Go Grande sandwich exudes flavour. It’s a feast for the nose and the mouth with a gorgeous touch of mayo to balance out the spice. Their namesake churros are a delightful cinnamon treat that comes with a warm, chocolate dip.

Amaretto’s Delicatessen

Amaretto Deli Norwich: Italian and Spanish deli, hot food, catering & more

Famous for their stone-baked pizza slices, Amaretto’s is the go-to lunch spot for baked goods and authentic Italian deli meals. Even something as simple as a ham and cheese is full of subtle flavours. Make sure you get there before their irresistible moussaka disappears!

Moorish Falafel

No photo description available.

Moorish by name, moorish by nature. It’s no wonder why vegans flock to this lanes-based falafel vendor. With an arsenal of salads, sauces, toppings and extras, you’ll be amazed at how much is going on in a single burger or wrap. Trust us, that tahini and avocado combo is pure, low-calorie dynamite. 

Ji’s Chicken Shop

Ji The Chicken Shop delivery from Norwich - Order with Deliveroo

We’ve got a lot of love for Ji’s chicken shop. You’ll come for the succulent fillets of breaded fried chicken. What you’ll discover is the striking line of spices on the counter. 11 herbs and spices? Eat your heart out. Ever tried sprinkling cheese on your chicken? How about seaweed? You’ll be coming back time and time again for their plum-soaked chips. I’m still discovering just how many combos can be made with that monster of a spice-rack.

Matane Sushi

Matane Sushi delivery from Norwich - Order with Deliveroo

Delicious raw fish and veggie platters rolled right before your very eyes! If you’ve never had a piece of sushi before, it’s like having the flavours of an entire meal compartmentalised into a single bite. It’s the art of perfecting a single mouthful – an art which Matane Sushi has perfected. Add a bit of wasabi for a wild kick and some soy sauce to bring in a tinge to the flavour.

Christophe’s Crepes

Christophes Crepes - Norwich Lanes

Legend has it that Wizard’s famous 1973 seasonal hit ‘I wish it could be pancake day everyday’ was written about Christophe’s Crepes. Serving you some classic favourites as well as funky experimental toppings, a crepe isn’t just for pancake day, it’s for life. 

That’s our list of our favourite lunch spots sticking around to bring some flavour to your lockdown! If you have any favourites, let us know. And remember, if going to town eats away too much of your time, you won’t have to go hungry as ABC Taxis’ click and collect service is ready to pick up your delicious order.


ABC Taxis | Norfolk’s own Bimini Bon Boulash is the People’s Champion

Thursday night, the nation was glued to the screen to watch the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Among the finalists was our very own Bimini Bon Boulash whose roots show proudly in their first episode Canaries runaway look.

Drag Race UK fans join in with hometown challenge and results are brutal
We love you, Norwich. We do.

The crown went to Scottish firecracker Laurence Cheney, whose stunning wit was a sensation from the start. Although everyone, Queens included, agrees that their win was well deserved, non-binary beauty Bimini Bon Boulash will always be the winner in our hearts. Several fans and former contestants of the show took to Twitter to express their love for Norfolk’s own drag superstar.

The talented 27-year-old’s been on a real journey, going from narrowly escaping elimination in the first week to become a force to be reckoned. Many viewers have noted their complete transformation after lockdown forced the filming of the show to be put on hold. Their verse on chart hit ‘UK, Hun?’ brought a punky grit to the Eurovision style dance hit and their runaway looks were high-fashion wonders. Perhaps one of Bimini’s biggest highlights was their riotously funny Katie Price impression on the highly anticipated ‘Snatch Game.’

Bimini’s punk vocals in chart single UK, Hun? wowed audiences

Norfolk and Bimini go way back. From attending Lynn Grove Academy in Great Yarmouth to lighting up Prince of Wales, Bimini Bon Boulash has been an electric presence. Who knows? With clubs set to open back up on the 21st of June, we might see Bimini’s spectacular homecoming this summer. On social media and interviews on print and screen, Bimini has promised us many exciting things to come. Already, they’ve been featured in several fashion editorials, morning news shows, radio appearances and even a cheeky chicken date with BBC3’s Amelia Dimoldenberg. Popular fashion mag British Vogue has taken a particular shining to her threads. Their girl-group The United Kingdolls are set to tour once the pandemic is over and tickets are already sold out. Bimini is fighting for a Norwich date to be added. Let’s hope she wins this one, as we’re raring to see her back on Prince of Wales. And for a ride as glamorous (and eco-conscious) as our Queen, ABC Taxis has got your back. With several amazing projects in the pipeline, the future looks Bimini bon Bright. Well done, Queen. You’ve done us proud.


ABC Taxis’ to the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Before you hastily Google it, it’s this Sunday. Your mother is one of a kind. So it follows she deserves a one-of-a-kind gift. If you’ve not yet found the perfect present to show your wonderful mother how much she means to you, fret not. Our Fine City is chock full of shops and boutiques that will give your mother a marvellous Mother’s Day. ABC Taxis has compiled a list of the most amazing home-grown places to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

The Book Hive

Book Hive 'Book Tab' - The Book Hive

London Street’s very own Book Hive is Norwich’s must-go bookshop for those with a passion for reading. If your mother is an avid bookworm, there’s nothing that says ‘I know you’ like taking the time to pick out a book that’s right for her. Is she a fiction or non-fiction reader? Is there someone whose autobiography she’s been dying to read? Is she a fan of old classics or does she have here eye on New York Times’ best-sellers? With an eclectic collection, a page-turner Book Hive is bound to be a fantastic Mother’s Day surprise.


Elm - Norwich Lanes

Elm’s Click and Collect service is a life-saver when buying gifts for any occasion. Everything they stock is stunningly crafted and features exciting designs. Whether it’s colour, comfort, or a fantastic scent you want to bring into your mother’s home, Elm will make art out of your mother’s living room.

Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle

This one’s as much of a treat for you as much as it is your mother. If you’ve never visited Urban Jungle, prepare yourself for Norwich’s own exotic corner of fantastic fauna and mesmerising flowers. When cafes open, it’s a wonderful place to have a cup of tea surrounded by gorgeous plant life. Right now, it’s the perfect place to find a gift if your mother is gifted with a green thumb.

Little Smiths

Little Smiths doesn’t just sell gifts; it’s a lifestyle shop. If your mum is looking to transform her life, starting with her home, Little Smith’s exceptional products are full of quirky, colourful surprises. Each gift is created right here in Norfolk and features products from some of the most talented artists that our county has to offer.

The Jade Tree

Why not get your mother’s day gift from a shop that sits in the most magical corner of Norwich? Perched at the top of Elm Him, the Jade Tree stocks authentic gifts that are as much art as they are soap or furniture. There’s something so incredibly cosy about just being in the shop that it’s impossible to resist the urge to take home some of that comfort with you. Now, you can gift a piece of that warm, cozy feeling to your mother.


Twigs with delicate flowers on white background

Ah, the old classic. But not without reason. We celebrate Mother’s Day in spring as a reminder of the life they gave us. So it follows that flowers are the best symbol for Mother’s Day. Just like the perfect book, the right bouquet is also a sign of really knowing your mum. We couldn’t pick one florist that we really like, they’re probably all very busy this week anyway! In a pinch, Margaret Emms Florist, Libby Ferris Flowers and Elizabeths the Florist have served us well for amazing quality flowers.

That’s our list of wonderful Mother’s Day gifts that you can find right here, right now in Norwich. Since lockdown has made things more difficult to shop for presents, ABC Taxis has been keeping tabs on the places that have been getting us through this time. To make things even easier, we’ve also introduced contact-free click-and-collect shopping! All it takes is a call or even a message on Facebook Messenger. Happy Mother’s Day!


The Norwich Fringe Festival returns with a fantastic online programme!

It’s back! After six long years Norwich’s very own theatre and performing arts festival is set to make a return on the 18th-21st of March. Through online platforms, the internet will be treated to the wealth of talent our fine city has to offer with all new comedy, theatre, visual art and music.

Since the start of lockdown, the live entertainment industry has been hit particularly hard with the closure of several venues and many artists having to find work in other sectors. Projects such as the Fringe are wonderful reminders of the spectacular talent lying dormant throughout this difficult time and a celebration of the art, music and entertainment that has kept us going throughout lockdown.

At the time of writing this article, the line-up has yet to be announced, but we at ABC Taxis are so excited for this event that this is the space to watch for when that happens. If you happened across Chapelfield Gardens in the month of August, it would’ve been difficult to miss the impressive big top in the middle of the park. That was the exciting venue for The Norwich Fringe’s last event, the Interlude Fringe. The Interlude Fringe was a huge success and a roaringly refreshing time for all those who attended. In the evenings leading up to the event, the riotously funny Jimmy Carr sent audiences roaring with laughter and Norfolk Poet Luke Wright’s protests in verse were an energetic spectacle. If the Fringe is anything like the summer’s interlude, this online event will be one not to miss.

Day tickets are now available for the online event. Although the suggested price is £9 for four days, the pay-what-you-can ticket structure has cheaper options to make the wide array of wonderful activities all the more accessible for our community. With such a diverse selection of talent and performances, there’s sure to be a show that everybody can enjoy. Some of these performances may feature more mature themes, but the website encourages taking a look at the line-up to find shows that the whole family will have a fantastic time watching.

It’s hard to sit still waiting for such an exciting programme of events. If you’re as thrilled for the Norwich Fringe Festival as we are, you can keep up to date on all of the news announcements on their website, twitter and Facebook page. If you’d like to get involved, their website includes callouts for performers and artist as well as opportunities to volunteer. We’ve all missed live art so if you would like to contribute, here’s your chance to get stuck in!


More than just canaries! Norfolk’s birds and where to find them

We are sailing past the January Blues. Days are getting longer, leaves are getting greener and pastel sprouts of daffodils are making their way out the soil. Those of us rolling up our blinds to enjoy the extra hours of sun in the morning might notice the return of a few familiar faces. Opening the windows to let the fresh air in will also open your ears up to cheery sounds of birdsong.

As spring returns, so will the birds who flew south for the winter. In flies a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with some of our county’s most colourful and well-travelled residents. Our county is full of beautiful wild spaces accessible via taxi and bookable on the ABC Taxis App, over the phone or through Facebook. Wild spaces mean gorgeous walks and beautiful birds to spot. Here is ABC Taxis’ guide to your nest-dwelling neighbours.

Beach-Dwelling Waders

Bird with long beak having stroll on sandy beach

Norfolk is home to a beautiful range of wading birds looking to munch on the insects and crabs that live under the sand. Want to know more about each wader’s diet? You don’t need to look further than their distinctive beaks! Their different bill lengths allow them to look for the different kinds of food in the same area without competing with each other. These guys know how to share. Listen out for the triumphant call of the curlew or the sharp beak of the little egret. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a spoonbill. Norfolk is lucky to be able to house such fantastic creatures. Keep a look out in your next walk to the beach!

Best-dressed passerines

Yellow Black and White Bird on Brown Tree Branch

You wanna talk about triple-threat? If you have a tree in your garden or a bird-feeder hanging in view of your window, these plump and colourful songbirds are among the most common birds to find in your back-garden. Known for their musical talent and often brightly coloured feathers, passerine birds decorate our city with song and beauty. We’re all familiar with Robin’s red breast. Also look out for goldfinch’s beautiful golden coat and red accents as well as the blue tit’s blue and yellow feathers. 

Wandering Waterfowl

grey bird
Egyptian Goose

Jack of all trades, master of none. They swim, they waddle and fly on top of all that! We see a lot of these guys so it’s all too easy to overlook just how impressive it is that these guys are active travellers. Unlike most visitors from Canada, the Canada goose is known for being one of the more intimidating birds you can come across. There’s also the colourful Egyptian goose who decides to come to the River Wensum, of all places, when they’re not swimming at the River Nile.

Binge-birdwatching and its bundle of benefits

Taking a break from your screen has its obvious benefits. It brings you closer to nature, strengthens your heart and muscles and helps us appreciate the beautiful creatures that live so close to us. Fancy yourself a photographer? The Norfolk Wildlife Trust is looking for people to take pictures of Norfolk’s birds and send the snaps to them. Their website is also full of activities to help you learn more about more than just birds and calls to action to help our county’s wildlife.

Where to now?

The amazing thing about our county is that birds are everywhere! You can take a walk and see what marvellous birds are flying overhead or perching on trees and bushes. You can also make yourselves acquainted with the rarer birds about in Norfolk and make your way to wherever it is in our county they dwell. When you’re ready for adventure, ABC Taxis has got your back.


ABC Taxis’ top Norwich Bands making us miss live gigs

Norwich has been left high and dry for live music. Besides the blissful couple months of awkwardly social distanced performances, it’s been nearly 10 months since we’ve had a gig – which leaves all of us with the lingering question: ‘Why did I ever do anything but say “yes” to every gig my friends tried to drag me along to?’ Yes, that’s all my friends: Yes to the craft-beer, suspenders-wearing indie snobs; yes to the glory-days big hair tribute-band mosh-pit crew; yes to the low-rumble coffee-shop and bar jazz masters; and no, I suppose it wouldn’t have killed me to show up to my friend’s open-mic night at the Walnut Tree every once in a while.

While I’m sure we all miss the roar of stadiums, the epic pyrotechnics, the once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimages to colossal concerts, many of my most vivid memories of musical experiences come from the more intimate setting of local gigs. Think the Brickmakers, the Wildman, the Rumsey Wells. The way sound bounces off the ageless bricks in Bedford’s Crypt. A moment of silence for The Open, where many of the bands who paid their dues touring bars and basements would have an evening of glory.

Music and the internet are two things I’m sure we’re all grateful for this pandemic. Without musicians keeping us entertained with livestreams and online releases, the monotony of lockdown would be so much harder to bear. The everyday walk to the corner-shop can feel like a whole new route depending on your choice of soundtrack. Is it a heavy-footed swagger to the heavy beats of a hip-hop tune or a pensive meander to your ex’s favourite folk song that you forgot to take off your playlist?

And yet, despite an infinite library of amazing music, here we are missing the unpredictability of live gigs. Sure, Woodstock was once-in-a-lifetime but so is the band’s lead singer taking off an article of clothing after every song, so is a punk band improvising a jazz cover of their own song because someone in the crowd requested it, so are two strangers playing Nina Simone together at an open mic because they were talking about her at the bar where they met an hour ago. These are examples of things many Norwich gig-goers have been lucky enough to bear witness to. 

So today, ABC Taxis is taking a moment to promote the local bands we’re all waiting to return to once lockdown is truly lifted, the bands we’ll never take for granted ever again.

The Marigolds

Starting off our list is a band whose dreamy, psychedelic songs sweep us further away with every twinkly strum and every wistful harmony. Their hit song Chamomile can melt sweat-soaked venue walls and take a crowded room far, far away with them. Despite being such a new and exciting sound, nostalgia pours from every tune. 

Bag of Cans

Turning up the tempo to the max, Bag of Cans are Norwich’s resident show-stoppers. There’s talent, there’s stage-presence, there’s funky-punky-kitchen-sink-indie excellent song-writing and there’s just old-fashion having fun. Bag of Cans have released a fantastic discography of energetic tracks but their live shows is why lists like these exist. Just try and stop yourself from going berserk.


It’s not often that a band comes out with the confidence, experimentation and musical richness that it can take most bands years to accumulate. Racing out of the gates as a ferocious three-piece, they’ve since expanded into a refined junkadelic 6-piece band with a masterful control any venue’s atmosphere.

Pink Lemonade

Going stir crazy in your room? This pop-punk trio just came out with a fantastic new banger of a single reminiscent of the kind of the teenage anthems that made up the soundtrack to our teenage angst. Made up of siblings Maddie and Frankie along with their BFF Rhiannon, their live gigs are a good time no holds barred.

Kitty Perrin

We can’t wait to be arms linked and swaying the moody slow-jams courtesy of Kitty Perrin. Her soft voice enticingly disguising the sharp wit of her lyricism. Sometimes we want to mosh, but sometimes we want to witness a passionate performance from an authentic storyteller. See her while she’s still in Norwich because it won’t be long until she’s swept away on tour.

Emma O’Reilly

Shrouded in the mists of Ireland are Emma O’Reilly’s theatrical indie folk tunes. Her Twtich streams have been wonderful company during Lockdown. However, nothing compares to her magnetic presence live. A versatile performer, she’s ready for whatever the audience throws at her.

Damp Matches

Bringing the energy right back up are high-energy rock band with dark, distorted bangers on full blast. Switching between the expansive vocals of Helena Lewis and thumping hip-hop of Will Calvert, their live shows have the roof collapsing with bassy riffs and face-melting guitar solos.

This list is by no means exhaustive and we’re sure more of Norwich’s amazing live bands will appear on another blog soon. We can’t wait until we can dance, mosh, sing to these amazing bands and artists at Norwich’s iconic venues. As always, ABC Taxis is the fastest, easiest and safest way to go to and from the once-in-a-lifetime moments from our city’s greatest shows.


Bamboozle Your Bubble with this Hilarious Norwich Road Name Game | ABC Taxis

Who in the world names a road ‘Rampant Horse Street’? No-one, apparently. No-one apart from Norwich.

It doesn’t take a detective to notice that Norwich is full of weird road names. And why wouldn’t it be? Home to whoever’s ‘back alley’ was famous enough to warrant its own road name, our city- our county, even, has a rich history chocked-full of interesting characters. So, if you’ve paid attention in primary school, you might already know the story behind many of our road names.

But let’s face it, primary school was years ago. We’re not going to remember every single history lesson. Details get muddled. Numbers, names, faces get mixed around. Let alone the fact that Norwich has much more roads than we had history lessons.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our own muddy memories.

Boy and Girl Walking on Bridge during Daytime

2021 is underway along with a shiny new lockdown. While this means pubs, bars and cafes are closed along with cinemas, gyms and barbers, there’s the all-important provision of being able to go outside to exercise either by ourselves, with our household, or with our legally permitted support or childcare bubbles. 

For those required to travel a little bit further to travel to their bubbles, ABC Taxis are the safest way to travel thanks to our added health and safety guidelines to make your journey as hygienic and possible.

One of the only outdoor activities we can do as a bubble is have a walk, so we made up a fun little game to play in our bubbles.

The Game

If you haven’t seen the hit BBC One comedy panel show Would I Lie to You?, we’re going to do a massive favour for you and recommend you check it out. On the show, Host Rob Brydon (Uncle Bryn from Gavin and Stacy) is joined by an eccentric panel made up of two teams British comedians and the occasional celebrity guest. In each round, one team tells a story and the other team has to guess whether or not it’s a truth or a lie. Each story is packed full of hilarious details, some of which turn out to be true! Just like Rob Brydon’s panel of comedians and celebrities, each street in Norwich has a crazy story behind it.

Do you see where this is going?

brown and white concrete building during night time

In this Norwich roads edition of Would I Lie to You? you and your friend or family’s knowledge of our city’s history (or your ability to make it up) is going to be tested. As you’re taking your daily walk with your support or childcare bubble, take a crack dazzling or bewildering your walking partner with a crazy story about the people whose names make up the streets we walk on. Bonus points if you get them to believe an insanely obvious lie or tell a true story so mad they don’t believe you!

Here’s a few to get you started:

St Julian’s Alley

Truth or Lies?: St. Julian was a mystic from the middle ages known for the wild visions that came to her during her self-isolation in the midst of a global pandemic.

Answer: True. Despite sounding like a story haphazardly made-up unsubtly inspired by the events going on around us, Julian of Norwich is famous for her extraordinary visions including seeing a walnut and understanding it to be the whole world.

Spynke Road

Truth or Lies?: Named after Richard Spynke, who was contracted to complete the city walls in the 1330s. One of his main requests form the city was to make sure people couldn’t use the walls as a launderette

Answer: True. If you’ve spent seven years and most of your own pocket to finish the city walls, you wouldn’t want people hanging their laundry on it, would you? In his contract he made sure the city was responsible for keeping people’s clothes off of the walls.

George Fox Way and Augustus Hare Drive

Truth or Lies?: These two connected roads were named after Beatrix Potter’s lesser-known dynamic duo of woodland detectives. She came up with these two characters on a visit to the Norfolk Coast and her car was stolen. Luckily, two helpful coppers were on duty to help her and her car was found. Always on the eye for a good tale (get it?), she noticed one copper’s cunning, sleuth-like manner and the other’s friendly twitching and used the experience to write a story.

brown rabbit standing on green grass field
Augustus Hare

Answer: Lie. Besides the fact that it’s not a policeman’s job to solve crimes, George Fox was an English dissenter who founded the Royal Society of Friends in 1624 and Augustus Hare was an English writer and from 1834 who wrote about his encounters with Norwich’s Lords but, more interestingly, the ghosts he’d encounter during his stay in Earlham Hall.

What is true is that when I lived in the University Village, right next to these connected roads, I thought they both came from the same children’s book. Two people with animal surnames connected by geography despite the fact that they had no connection to each other and lived over 200 years apart. Who knows what the city planners at the time? Beatrix Potter’s two made-up sleuths could probably work it out.

Opie Street

Truth or Lie?: Opie Street used to be called Holdhorn Lane.

Answer: False. The original name was much worse.

Hemming Way

Truth or Lies?: This road was one of the first created after UNESCO dubbed Norwich a City of Literature. In celebration of this accolade, this road was named after For Whom the Bell Tolls writer Ernest Hemingway. One of the greatest ‘dad-jokes’ a city has ever pulled.

Answer: Haven’t the slightest. After years of Googling, there’s still no clue as to what this road was named after.

And that’s where we come in. Any time we come across a road so enigmatically titled, we can always fill the blanks with a, shall we say, alternative truth. So, after you use ABC Taxis to get to your support bubble, take a look at the roads around you and either get busy truthin’ or get busy lyin’.

Road names to look out for:

  • Unicorn Yard
  • Booty Road
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Adam and Eve Yard
  • Lower Goat Lane
  • Ice House Lane
  • Stranger’s Court


ABC Taxi’s Guide To Exciting Open-Air Art In Norwich

Art is everywhere in our Fine City. Whilst some of our favourite galleries can’t be with us right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t marvel at the amazing talent that the artists in our area have put on display for our enjoyment. Inside and out, there is so much colour in Norwich.

Today, we’re taking a minute to appreciate the wonderful installations that decorate our daily walks.

St Stephen’s Underpass – The Underground Gallery

@Holietoldmeto painting her contribution to this exciting gallery

Curated by local street artist and pineapple enthusiast, Ruth Knapp, St Stephen’s underpass is home to an eclectic and diverse collection of wall art known as The Underground Gallery. The gallery celebrates the wealth of visual talent that sparks excitement in our city and is bred by the abundance of inspiration that Norwich has to offer.

It’s a dynamic installation that changes constantly. After all, new art is bursting at the scenes here in Norwich. No matter what your tastes, you’re sure to find something you love and something that tugs at your curiosity: abstract shapes, faithful portraits, humorous manifestos and touching tributes. This roundabout is proud to show-off the many different styles that make up Norwich’s pool of talent.

City of Stories Murals 

By Poppy Cole

Norwich has a proud history of fantastic stories and wonderful characters. It’s only right that we should celebrate them! The Norwich BID has enlisted the help of some of our amazing visual storytellers to throw up vibrant murals that pay tribute to our rich history of storytelling.

Credit VisitNorwich Mural White Lion Street 003
Malca Shotten’s Snapdragon, Red Lion Street

Each mural taps into Norwich’s prolific historical background. You might have been greeted by a certain friendly face that watches over Red Lion street. Dragons have always been a companion to Norwich, a friendship dating back all the way to the middle ages.

Some of these murals transport us back in time to the medieval period which is historically notorious for not having any global pandemics whatsoever. Simple times. Arcade Street is home to Joey LaMeche’s time-bending tribute to Norwich’s bustling market. Featuring Norwich favourites such as Queen Boudicca herself, Joey’s mural feels like walking into a magical storybook.

Castle Mural Joey
Joey LaMeche, Arcade Street

Recently, a whole lot more of these murals have popped up in our famous market. Some of these murals were created by Norwich schools and other organisations that help breed artistic talent for future generations of artists. These murals celebrate the past, comment on the present and lay out our hopes for the future. 

All over Norwich we are proud of our history and tell it vibrantly.

Grapes Hill Underpass

Let’s take a look at a more chaotic, free-flowing site of art in our city.

Grapes Hill’s graffiti might not have the same prestige as our previous hotspots, but the energy of this place is undeniable. To through a tunnel where the art talks with and over each other is an amazing display of how artists communicate through their medium. To those less familiar with graffiti, take a look at where each tag is placed relative to others. You start seeing friends, cliques, big fish, followers. You start seeing characters, relationships. If you keep coming back, you see stories.

It’s a romantic way to see splats of paint, but with clubs and pubs not operating as normal, where else are we going to see this kind of Saturday night drama but in a tunnel crowded with colourful shouts?

Pineapple Hunting

Slideshow image 22
“Middle Class Vandal” Ruth “Knapple” Knapp

Earlier we mentioned the curator of the underground gallery, Ruth Knapp. She’s also known as the ubiquitous artist “Knapple”. If that name is familiar to you, it’s because it’s everywhere. If not her name, her iconic trademark: A colourful pineapple.

You can take a walk far away from the city centre and still spot these tags everywhere you go. Even without going far, tunnels, abandoned buildings and secret alleys all have a high chance of attracting Knapple’s artistic eye.

She’ll even paint your bins if you like! Wherever you go in the city, Knapple has made it her mission to fill our streets with colour and dazzle our eyes with vibrant renditions of her favourite fruit.

We challenge you to see how many pineapples you can spot on your daily walks. We guarantee you’ll lose count.

Anglia Buskin’

@TheHighPointsBand outside London Street

We don’t know when gigs will come back and how. Will there be moshing? Will there be dancing? Will we all be in hamster balls?

Lockdown can’t keep a good band down. Whether you nip out to the city for your lunch break or you’re on your weekend shop, the music of Norwich’s buskers are always an uplifting sound for weary ears.

Since new buskers are always popping up, the soundscape of Gentleman’s walk and London Street never gets stale. Plenty of folks have been going out of their way to catch the funkadelic stylings of The High Points, who perform near Jarrold’s with insanely energetic jams. The beat is infectious and you’ll always catch yourself strutting to the rhythm. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one as the whole street is full of people tapping their feet to the talented group.

That’s not to say we’ll ever fall out of love with our musical mainstays. Somethings should never change. Whether it’s the classical stylings of guitarist Pete Turrell, the folk sounds of Emma O’Reilly or many more of our familiar faces, we’re definitely glad to hear these songbirds sing throughout quarantine.

If you have a favourite busker, let us know!

These are only some of the hotspots for seeking out colour in the open air. With the city always moving, there are bound to be new places to find art being thrown up as we speak! The only way to see these new pieces pop up is to get yourself down to the centre and have a ramble. Thanks to Facebook Messenger, getting a ride to the centre of town has never been easier. Whether you want to book or ask for a quote, just send us a message and we’ll have a quick chat.

There’s also time to have a look at some of the fun Christmas activities put on all over the county. Merry Christmas from all of us here at ABC Taxis.


ABC Taxis Guide to a very Norfolk Christmas

Lockdown is lifting and with it our Christmas spirits! While Norfolk going into tier two means we can’t celebrate with more than 6 people, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate at all!

All over the county, Santa’s Elves have been cooking up safe, responsible, socially-distanced ways for families all over Norfolk and Norwich to feel some festive cheer. We know that with all the changes that have been happening, opportunities like this are easy to miss. That’s why ABC Taxis have done all the holiday planning for you so you don’t miss out on making the most of this Christmas.

Here are some of the ways of ending 2020 with a bang:

See the Lights

Photo of People on Road at Night
Let 2020 be forgotten and enjoy the Christmas lights

Is it really Christmas without a wave of light-tunnel pictures hitting our feeds?

You heard right. The famous Norwich Tunnel of Lights is back for its fifth year in our city. The largest tunnel of its kind, this enchanting display made up of 57,000 LED bulbs and 5.6 miles of cabling will be here until January. All 45 metres will be dazzling our eyes with added social-distancing measures to ensure our safety.

As presents go, the biggest box there is in Norwich is our iconic castle. In the heart of our city, spectacular light displays will illuminate the 954-year-old tower for all to marvel at. These mind-bending displays from Double-Take projections have always transformed our castle into a magical box of gigantic fun.

The Norfolk Lights Express has also extended its time with us, sticking around til the 17th of January. Lasting an hour, this magnificent train ride aboard a neon steam train will take us through North Norfolk’s beautiful countryside which has been illuminated and transformed into a picturesque wonderland. Enjoy classic Christmas snacks and hot drinks such as mulled wine and hot chocolate. Loved by folks of all ages, the electric atmosphere of the Lights Express is not to be missed!

Thursford has put together a one-off spectacular just for this year! The Enchanted Journey of Light, opening on the 3rd of December, is an immersive light and sound experience jam-packed with fairytale characters. Full of awe-inspiring scenery, Thursford’s beautiful show is bound to leave you enthralled.

Giving gifts to our friends and family

group of people standing near amusement park
Treat your friends and family to handmade artisanal presents

We can’t all be together all at once this year. Now, more than ever, have we needed unique, thoughtful presents to show our loved ones we’re thinking of them. Fortunately, there is no shortage of artists around our county and Christmas Markets are the place to find them.

The Christmas Fayre at the Royal Norfolk Showground will be showcasing a variety of amazing businesses all local to Norfolk. For more artisanal creations straight out of Santa’s workshop, St Andrew’s Hall is hosting the Norwich Creative Market for ‘The Big One’ featuring amazing handmade gifts with love stitched into every print and thread.

Or instead, why not make a Christmas gift for those who’ve gotten you through this crazy year? The Maid’s Head Hotel is offering the chance for you to create your own unique Christmas wreath in a workshop led by an experienced florist. This experience comes with a glass of prosecco and a cream team of homemade scones that is sure to be a wonderfully creative afternoon.

With so many places to shop, your friends and family will be sure to feel the love this Christmas.

Go to a show

Pantos with a twist!

Is there a better way to experience the magic of Christmas than to immerse yourself in the wondrous atmosphere of a live show?

Norwich’s vast landscape of theatres has you covered. Classic panto? Panto in a Pickle at the Theatre Royal is a jumbled box of fairy-tale magic introducing unpredictable twists to our favourite stories. Speaking of twists, A Circus Carol is bound to be a romp, reimagining Dickens’ classic tale and adding daring acrobatics. Or perhaps you’d like to watch another reimagining of A Christmas Carol from the warmth of your home. Norwich-based Amplify Theatre and Film are treating us to a timely comedy web-series arriving on our screens on the 1st of December.

Or maybe you’d like a Christmas as bonkers as the rest of this year and take your family to Roar! Dinosaur Adventure’s Roar-some Christmas experience. Dinosaurs have never looked so merry as Roar’s programme of festive activities will be rife with excitement.

No matter where you choose to go this Christmas, our county is full of fun, festive, socially distanced activities for all the family. ABC Taxis is not only the safest way to get around this Christmas with all of our added COVID measures, but it’s also never been easier with our new Facebook Messenger feature, allowing you to book a taxi from your Facebook Messenger app. It’s easy! To get started all you have to do is send our Facebook page a message and our system will guide you through your request. Whether you want to book a journey, or are looking for a quote, Facebook Messenger is an easy way to get in touch with your favourite local taxi company.

Booking a taxi has never been easier.

Santa has another little helper in Norfolk delivering you to your magical winter memories. Our gift this year is our commitment to eco-friendly transport and our goal to offset our carbon emissions. To keep in line with health and safety procedures, may of these events require you to book in advance. This means that these venues will have a clearer idea of numbers and make these experiences as safe as possible. Don’t delay! Christmas is a few weeks away, but you can have a wonderful time with your friends and family even sooner.

Merry Christmas from ABC Taxis.