ABC Taxis 101 | All you need to know

Welcome to ABC Taxis 101 and everything you need to know to be confident travelling with us during these uncertain times.  The measurements and guidelines put in place by the government at this time are restrictive and often confusing.   But maintaining safe, distanced social interactions and supporting the events, restaurants and establishments that are trying to survive within the stringent government legislation is vital. To both the livelihood of the employees, performers, organisers and venues.  

So wherever you choose to travel and spend your time, do so safely and within the Government guidelines.  When it comes to going to and from your destinations, ABC taxis have got you covered with our top 10 most frequently asked questions.

Can I book a taxi for more than 4 people?

All customers are now advised to please wear face-coverings when traveling with ABC Taxis.
All customers are now advised to please wear face-coverings when traveling with ABC Taxis. 

Yes.  The ABC fleet boasts a number of 8 seater minibuses that are available for up to 6 passengers at a time under the current Government legislation.   

Do I have to wear a mask? 

All customers are now advised to please wear face-coverings when traveling with ABC Taxis.

Do I have to wear a mask if I am exempt?

All of our drivers have been briefed regarding medical exemptions. Customers need only to state this upon entering the vehicle and showing the relevant documentation. 

Relevant documentation includes exemption cards that are available through the Uk Government website and the increasingly popular sunflower lanyards.

Does ABC have safety measures in place for the spread of Covid-19?

Yes absolutely! The safety and health of our customers & drivers is paramount and we have numerous safety measures in place to tackle the spread of the virus. These include;

  • Vehicle safety screens
  • Daily disinfecting procedures 
  • PPE
  • Automated payment system

Can you deliver shopping to our house?

ABC Taxis can take a passenger to the shop and wait for them to complete their shopping before safely bringing them home. 

Although we are quite happy to take a passenger to the shop and wait for them to complete their shopping before safely bringing them home.  We are unable to offer a personal shopping facility.

What are your opening times?

We are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Do you have wheelchair accessible vehicles at ABC Taxis?

We are able to accommodate any passengers who use collapsible wheelchairs/walking aids but unfortunately we do not have any wheelchair accessible vehicles at ABC Taxis. 

Do you have a booking App?

Our passenger app is available from the Google Play store and Apple.

Yes.  We have just launched our brand new booking app which is available from the Google Play store and Apples App Store.

Can i pay for my fare by credit/debit card?

Yes!  There are a number of ways you can pay for your fare by card;

  • Pay when you make a booking through our call centre
  • Pay in the vehicle via SMS 
  • Pay at the end of the journey 
  • Pay by linking your card within the booking app on your mobile phone

How does pre-authentication work on our passenger app?

The new ABC Taxis Passenger app utilises a number of Anti-Fraud measures, including, but not limited to Biometrics (in the case of Apple and Google Pay) and 3dSecure.  These processes use Strong Customer Authentication – an initiative being rolled out by the Financial Conduct Authority – and all banks need to sign up to use Strong Customer Authentication by September 2021.

ABC Taxis are required to initiate a pre-authorisation so that the requirements of SCA can be fulfilled. 

The pre-authorisation action forces the bank to consider the use of 3dSecure to verify the transaction.  Without this step, 3dSecure would not be used, which could lead to an increase in card fraud.  Second to this, the pre-authorisation amount taken ensures that customers have the funds available in advance of the journey.

The actual amount of the pre-authorisation is the Estimated Fare + 15%.  

The pre-authorisation amount is more than the estimated journey amount because the fare quoted is just that – an estimate.  The fare in-vehicle may exceed the estimated amount, or the passenger may choose to go via a different point or change their destination altogether.  By taking an additional amount this ensures that in most cases, the actual fare will fall within the pre-authorised amount. Where this happens, any amount over the actual fare will be released at the end of the journey.  

Please note that banks can take up to 5 working days to release a ‘pre-authorisation’ hold on funds.

More details can be found within the ABC Taxis FAQ’s.

Student Price Guide

The following prices are to and from the UEA Campus area;

ALDI Larkman Lane£6.00£9.00
ASDA Drayton High Rd£7.50£11.50
LIDL Drayton Rd£7.50£11.50
MORRISONS, Albion Way£7.50£11.50
SAINSBURYS Queens Rd£7.50£11.50
TESCO Fiveways£6.00£9.00
TESCO Harford Bridge£8.00£12.00
Bus Station£6.50£10.00
Train Station£7.00£10.50
Prince Of Wales£6.50£10.00
Riverside Complex£7.00£10.50

Prices correct at time of article – October 2020