ABC Taxis Click and Collect Service

With continued uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 lockdown restrictions over the following months, and with current measures and restrictions in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus it means, we again have to stay indoors.

Current restrictions means, we again have to stay indoors.

Guidelines state that we should only go outside for shopping for essential items and collecting medication. Those who are able to should work from home. For the added convenience, and as a measure of safety, many have made use of online shopping services for their groceries.  However, supermarkets and pharmacies are now struggling to keep up with the demand and there is an increasing lack of delivery slots available.  This puts our elderly and our vulnerable more at risk, as they have been advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks.

ABC Taxis are doing our part ease lockdown life for those stuck at home with our new click and collect service. We’ve introduced the new feature to our mobile phone app that provides users with the ability to book a taxi to collect groceries, pharmaceuticals, takeaways and more on your behalf.  Our drivers will pick up your goods from any supermarket, chemist or local independent store and deliver your items directly to your address.

ABC Taxi drivers will pick up and deliver your goods from any supermarket, chemist or local independent store through our new click and collect service.

As long as you have pre-paid for your shopping from the store, you can use the ABC Taxis mobile phone app to send a taxi to collect it.  Simply follow the easy steps to use the ABC Taxis click and Collect service.

A. Download the ABC Taxis App

Our app is available from the Apple Store and Google Play and uses Strong Customer Authentication that takes a small amount from your registered bank account to verify the authenticity of the account.  More information about this process can be found in our frequently asked questions.

B. Click the cart button

Download the ABC Taxis passenger app and click the Cart icon to use our click and collect service.

Once you have successfully registered on the ABC Taxis app navigate to the top right-hand corner to the shopping trolley icon and open the menu.

Fill out the details on our mobile app and take advantage of the ABC Taxis click and collect service.

Here you will be presented with a number of fields required for you to book your collection service.  Simply populate the form with;

  • ‘Delivery pickup location’
  • ‘Delivery drop-off location’ 
  • Your name 
  • The type of delivery
  • Order Tracking ID 
  • Payment method
  • If you wish you can add any additional delivery instructions for the driver

C. Book your collection and delivery

Track your taxi in real time on the ABC Taxis Mobile App.

Click Book Now and you will receive confirmation that your groceries are on their way.  You can also track your delivery in real-time using the interactive dynamic map provided.  Our drivers will follow strict social distancing measures and ensure that you receive your items in a timely and professional manner.

Supporting the local economy

Are you a small business owner in Norwich that wants to offer your customers a click and collect service?  Take advantage of the ABC Taxis mobile phone app click and collect service to drive your business through the Winter.  We promise to do everything in our power to ensure that your customers are able to get your product through these difficult times.

Simply download the app from Google Play or Apple Store, order a taxi using our click and collect service and have our driver pick up the items directly from your business and drop them off at your customer’s address.  You can even streamline the process by setting up a business account with us.

Supporting the Environment

ABC Taxis ae proud partners of Ecologi.

With over 250 vehicles in the ABC taxi fleet and heavily invested in reducing our carbon footprint, we have seen the addition of hybrid vehicles to the fleet increase drastically over the last few years.  Most recently we have teamed up with Ecologi a partnership that allows ABC Taxis to provide direct support to environmental initiatives, projects and climate solutions.  The impact that ABC Taxis funding has on the environment is quantified by our carbon offset, and this is facilitated through the planting of new forests around the world.  More information on the work of Ecologi, the volume of trees planted and even purchase orders for the land where the forests are located can all be found on the Ecologi website.  For more information about the positive impact, ABC Taxis is having on the environment visit our dedicated Eco Page.


ABC Taxis 101 | All you need to know

Welcome to ABC Taxis 101 and everything you need to know to be confident travelling with us during these uncertain times.  The measurements and guidelines put in place by the government at this time are restrictive and often confusing.   But maintaining safe, distanced social interactions and supporting the events, restaurants and establishments that are trying to survive within the stringent government legislation is vital. To both the livelihood of the employees, performers, organisers and venues.  

So wherever you choose to travel and spend your time, do so safely and within the Government guidelines.  When it comes to going to and from your destinations, ABC taxis have got you covered with our top 10 most frequently asked questions.

Can I book a taxi for more than 4 people?

All customers are now advised to please wear face-coverings when traveling with ABC Taxis.
All customers are now advised to please wear face-coverings when traveling with ABC Taxis. 

Yes.  The ABC fleet boasts a number of 8 seater minibuses that are available for up to 6 passengers at a time under the current Government legislation.   

Do I have to wear a mask? 

All customers are now advised to please wear face-coverings when traveling with ABC Taxis.

Do I have to wear a mask if I am exempt?

All of our drivers have been briefed regarding medical exemptions. Customers need only to state this upon entering the vehicle and showing the relevant documentation. 

Relevant documentation includes exemption cards that are available through the Uk Government website and the increasingly popular sunflower lanyards.

Does ABC have safety measures in place for the spread of Covid-19?

Yes absolutely! The safety and health of our customers & drivers is paramount and we have numerous safety measures in place to tackle the spread of the virus. These include;

  • Vehicle safety screens
  • Daily disinfecting procedures 
  • PPE
  • Automated payment system

Can you deliver shopping to our house?

ABC Taxis can take a passenger to the shop and wait for them to complete their shopping before safely bringing them home. 

Although we are quite happy to take a passenger to the shop and wait for them to complete their shopping before safely bringing them home.  We are unable to offer a personal shopping facility.

What are your opening times?

We are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Do you have wheelchair accessible vehicles at ABC Taxis?

We are able to accommodate any passengers who use collapsible wheelchairs/walking aids but unfortunately we do not have any wheelchair accessible vehicles at ABC Taxis. 

Do you have a booking App?

Our passenger app is available from the Google Play store and Apple.

Yes.  We have just launched our brand new booking app which is available from the Google Play store and Apples App Store.

Can i pay for my fare by credit/debit card?

Yes!  There are a number of ways you can pay for your fare by card;

  • Pay when you make a booking through our call centre
  • Pay in the vehicle via SMS 
  • Pay at the end of the journey 
  • Pay by linking your card within the booking app on your mobile phone

How does pre-authentication work on our passenger app?

The new ABC Taxis Passenger app utilises a number of Anti-Fraud measures, including, but not limited to Biometrics (in the case of Apple and Google Pay) and 3dSecure.  These processes use Strong Customer Authentication – an initiative being rolled out by the Financial Conduct Authority – and all banks need to sign up to use Strong Customer Authentication by September 2021.

ABC Taxis are required to initiate a pre-authorisation so that the requirements of SCA can be fulfilled. 

The pre-authorisation action forces the bank to consider the use of 3dSecure to verify the transaction.  Without this step, 3dSecure would not be used, which could lead to an increase in card fraud.  Second to this, the pre-authorisation amount taken ensures that customers have the funds available in advance of the journey.

The actual amount of the pre-authorisation is the Estimated Fare + 15%.  

The pre-authorisation amount is more than the estimated journey amount because the fare quoted is just that – an estimate.  The fare in-vehicle may exceed the estimated amount, or the passenger may choose to go via a different point or change their destination altogether.  By taking an additional amount this ensures that in most cases, the actual fare will fall within the pre-authorised amount. Where this happens, any amount over the actual fare will be released at the end of the journey.  

Please note that banks can take up to 5 working days to release a ‘pre-authorisation’ hold on funds.

More details can be found within the ABC Taxis FAQ’s.

Student Price Guide

The following prices are to and from the UEA Campus area;

ALDI Larkman Lane£6.00£9.00
ASDA Drayton High Rd£7.50£11.50
LIDL Drayton Rd£7.50£11.50
MORRISONS, Albion Way£7.50£11.50
SAINSBURYS Queens Rd£7.50£11.50
TESCO Fiveways£6.00£9.00
TESCO Harford Bridge£8.00£12.00
Bus Station£6.50£10.00
Train Station£7.00£10.50
Prince Of Wales£6.50£10.00
Riverside Complex£7.00£10.50

Prices correct at time of article – October 2020


A Thank You To The NHS

The date is the 5th July 1948, the location is the Park Hospital in Manchester.  A man named Aneurin Bevan often known as Nye Bevan launches the NHS. It’s the culmination of years of hard work, from a variety of figures, all working towards revolutionising what they believed to be an insufficient healthcare system.   Motivated to make healthcare accessible to the masses and not just exclusively to those who could afford it, the idea of a national Health service can be traced back to the early 1900’s. Socialist Beatrice Webb argued that to expect those in poverty to be entirely accountable for themselves was a narrow-minded approach from those in charge.

But it would take the cataclysmic effects of the second world war to really pave the way for a massive change to the healthcare system, and it was a momentous achievement.  The war had spurred massive innovations such as Ultrasound technology and a flood of new drugs from the pharmaceutical industry. Antibiotics and improved anaesthetics have been developed as well as medication for the treatment of schizophrenia and depression.  

However, for the first 10 years of its existence, the NHS struggled with a government inexperienced at running a healthcare system, let alone one expanding exponentially.  After the war there was a housing crisis, so homes and schools were prioritised and hospitals simply had less claim on building materials. The distribution of services was also localised to major cities or centres of population leaving rural areas with inadequate healthcare.  However, it was a glimpse into a better future.

The following years saw vaccines becoming available, treatments for certain cancers developed and a different outlook on mental health. Local practices were also established and ever since the NHS has become the stable institute that the UK is proud to have achieved and sustained in our times of need.  Never has the population been so unified in its appreciation of this establishment and never has the NHS been under so much pressure to deliver. The recent corona-virus (COVID-19) crisis has led to feats unimaginable. In just 9 days East London’s ExCel exhibition centre was converted into NHS Nightingale, a hospital providing 4000 intensive care beds over 87,328 square metres.  In total there are approximately 1.5 million people employed by the NHS across the UK, from nurses and physicians to hospital porters and maintenance staff. All right now are classed as key workers in the UK. All of whom are putting themselves on the frontline to help with the increasing numbers of people needing hospital care during these turbulent times.

Thank you NHS

Various campaigns and projects have been initiated over the past few weeks aimed at supporting and honoring our key workers, particularly those in the health and care sectors.  The most memorable being rainbows appearing in the windows of households up and down the country, all designed by individuals and families to help ease the anguish some may suffer whilst finding themselves in isolation.  Others included the UK’s #lightitblue campaign that was adopted globally and saw major landmarks lit up in a vibrant electric blue in honour of our essential workers.  

With a dramatic drop in public transport, our key workers have found it increasingly difficult to travel and have become more and more reliant on ABC Taxis. We are doing everything we can to help support our NHS heroes, and have also received many customer enquiries wanting to help. Our ‘gofundme’ initiative was set up to facilitate public donations that go toward providing our NHS heroes with a free journey.   The page has already raised over £2,500 from just over 70 donors which have subsequently provided over 250 lifts for NHS staff traveling to and from work in Norwich. Our thanks and gratitude goes to every individual who has made a donation so far and if you wish to support your local NHS workers during the pandemic, please visit our gofundme page and make your own donation however much or little, it all helps. Thank you from all of us here at ABC Taxis Norwich for your ongoing support and incredible generosity! 

Please refer to the government guidelines if you are unsure about what to do during the Covid-19 crisis; 

Clarification of the symptoms and further information from the NHS related to Covid-19 can be found on the NHS Advice for everyone page.