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#1. In which building was Norwich City Football club founded in 1902?

#2. Norwich is twinned with four towns and cities worldwide. Which of the cities listed below is NOT twinned with Norwich?

#3. What is the Maddermarket Theatre named after?

#4. Before becoming a museum what was Norwich Castle used for?

#5. Which famous river runs through the centre of Norwich

#6. What was the mute Pete The Wildman imprisoned for in Bridewell Alley?

#7. How many cathedrals does Norwich have?

#8. In 1999 Norwich acted as the secret storage location for what?

#9. Who was responsible for building Norwich Cathedral?

#10. What has Bethel Street NEVER been home to?

#11. Approximately how many stalls does Norwich market house?

#12. In what year did Norwich City win the League Cup?

#13. Which famous author was born in Norwich in 1907?

#14. What is the name of the medieval street in Norwich which contains many of the city's historic buildings?

#15. Who officially opened Eaton Park in 1928?

#16. What is the name of the art museum located in Norwich?

#17. What is the approximate population of Norwich?

#18. During the second world war what Norwich landmark did Hitler forbid the bombing of?

#19. Finally.. Which taxi firm has led the way in Norwich for over 25 years?


Posted on June 29, 2023

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