Exciting Destinations in Norwich for Couples 2021

No two people are alike – so it stands to reason that you and your partner are unlike any other couple around. Days out and evenings together vary from person to person, so if you’re both looking for that scenic historical walk in the morning, or that romantic dinner where everything seems just right, then look no further than our guide for couples in Norwich.

Of course, we can’t claim to know exactly what you and your special someone are looking for, so we’ve tried our best to find the perfect locations and shared activities to match our list of archetypal couples. Feel free to mix and match these adventures, so you can craft your day out to remember.

For The Historians 

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Being the largest complete medieval city in the country, Norwich must be at the top of any budding historians’ bucket list – and for good reason. The amount of historical and heritage sites in Tombland alone could fill a list of their own, so here’s a slice of what two time-travellers could get up to – but keep hunting.

Norwich 12

While there are museums a-plenty across the city – the South Asia Collection and Norwich Castle, to name just two – the recent Norwich 12 initiative is perfect for any historical sleuths. Like a time-travelling scavenger hunt, Norwich 12 is a curated tour through the city, highlighting and exemplifying historical periods through important moments and architecture. Ranging from 1067, up through the turn of the millennium, this self-guided tour has an endless amount of potential.

Norwich 12

Norwich 12 spans the entirety of the city, so a booking with ABC Taxis may help save energy, and also aid with accessibility.

More information can be found here

Adam And Eve 

 Adam and Eve Pub

On your tour, you might want to stop by what is lovingly referred to as, ‘probably the oldest pub in Norwich’. You can find this hidden gem in Bishopgate, with a sunny front garden and cosy interior. Adam and Eve has a rich history, with its earliest reference being around 1249 when it was used as a brewhouse for workers building Norwich Cathedral. 

For more information, Adam and Eve can be found on Facebook, or contact them at 01603 667423

For The Up-For-Anythings

While Norwich’s history plays a large role in its personality, don’t be fooled, there are still plenty of buzzing night-life spots for that pair who decide the night has only finished when the sun comes up. With restrictions easing, there’s never been a better time to let your hair down, let loose and dance the night away with your partner – here are a few of our picks for those party-mad pairs. 

Norwich Play House 


Being both an excellent theatre space, and Norwich University of the Arts’ self-appointed student bar – the Play House offers a start to an evening that might lead in all sorts of directions. With a wide selection of drinks, welcoming environment and friendly staff, it’s always easy to mingle with the locals, or just relax with your partner by this trendy riverside spot.

For both information, and booking in for events or reservations, visit the website

Gonzo’s Tea Room 


As far as one-stop locations go, Gonzo’s really has it all. High-quality restaurant and bar by day – late night club and disco by night, Gonzo’s sports four floors, suiting each party person’s needs, from old school disco remixes to drum and bass and jungle, why leave? Oh, did we mention the rooftop garden and bar?

For information and reservations, visit the website

The Trend Setters

Having two universities in a city tends to attract a younger class of city dwellers, and with them comes a lot of new trends – but they have to find them somewhere right? For the couple who like turning heads, there are enough vintage, retro and modern apparel stores to set trends seasons ahead of everyone else. Here’s a short selection of places to visit, along with a few hangout spots to show it all off.

The Lanes

The Lanes

While this isn’t exactly one place, any trendy tourists need to find themselves lost in the Lanes once or twice. Simply put everything from clothes to records, to food and furniture can be found down any of these historic streets. The best way to discover this part of the city really is to just explore, however, if its recommendations you’re after, take a look at, which hosts not only shops and restaurants but events that are being held continuously in the area.



As far as pop-ups go, this might be as trendy as it gets. Opening in July, and packing up in early September, we would be remiss in not reminding you about this spot. Within the grounds of Norwich Castle, Mysagarden (also Mysabar) celebrates the wide variety of street food vendors, and craft beer breweries in Norwich, throwing in live music and DJ sets for good measure. With an interior that should be the envy of most any restaurant, this pop-up goes above and beyond and is sure to impress.

For bookings, and to see what’s on, visit 

The Romantics 

Of course, we couldn’t leave this list without mentioning at least a handful of those perfect places in Norwich, where all that matters is your spending time with your partner – combined with any of the previous activities and locations, these romantic getaways are perfect for that short summer weekend away for any occasion – or perhaps for those spontaneous ‘let’s just do it’ moments.

The Ivy

 The Ivy

Be sure to dress to impress for this one – one of the finest restaurants and bars in the heart of the city, The Ivy Brasserie will be a night to remember. With a beautiful show-stopping cocktail bar and decor to match, the Ivy is available for both afternoon and evening dining, although be sure to make a reservation, as this might be one of the most sought after establishments in Norwich.

Booking is strongly advised, so take a look at

The Maids Head Hotel

Maids Head Hotel

Overlooking the iconic Norwich Cathedral, the Maids Head Hotel is considered to be one of, if not the oldest hotel in the country (I’m looking at you Historians). With both cosy rooms for a night, or wonderfully large, open suites for those romantic getaways. The Maids Head also prides itself on The Winepress – an award-winning restaurant – one of the most charming bars in Norwich (which is open to the public), and Best Beauty, an on-site spa for those evenings of pure relaxation. 

For more information and bookings, visit