The Ultimate Guide to the Best Riverside Spots in Norwich

Garnering its name from the old English word wandsum, or wendsum, meaning ‘winding’, the River Wensum is Norwich’s, and perhaps Norfolk’s largest and most important chalk river.

Like any medieval era city, its proximity to the water was crucial, lending to many of Norwich’s most ancient attractions being set on the banks of the river! While we no longer rely on Wensum the way we used to, we can now truly appreciate its beauty and importance in more ways than one!

Riverside Spots

With the summer nearing its end, now is the time to enjoy what Norwich’s favourite river holds on its banks if you haven’t already. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t fear – here are a few of our recommendations for what the Wensum has to offer!

Cow Tower 

As such a strategically advantageous feature, the Wensum has many historical and heritage sights to offer, and perhaps none show the importance of this river more than the 14th-century artillery tower located in Bishopgate. Just a short walk away from Bishopgate Bridge, another historically important river landmark, Cow Tower bore witness to some of the most shaping events in East Anglia’s rich history. Originally built to protect the city walls from French invaders and English rebels in 1398, it later served as an important landmark during Kett’s Rebellion.

Riverside Spots Cow Tower
Cow Tower

Cow Tower also sits in one of the most picturesque river banks in the northeast region of the city, as a walk can be made to and from the historic cathedral, and directly opposite the tower is a swan pond and picnicking spots!

As a small addendum, if you visit Cow Tower, why not follow the river along, and enjoy the stunning beauty of our next entry, St. James Mill.

St. James Mill

A prime example of Industrial Revolution architecture, St. James Mill has served a variety of different purposes over the years – the site initially being used as early as the 14th century, until the factory was built in 1836 for the textile industry, and even at one point housing a chocolate factory!

Riverside Spots St James Mill
St James Mill

Both Cow Tower and St James Mill are part of the Norwich 12 historical initiative – more information can be found in our couples guide to Norwich.

Anderson’s Meadow 

The best things in life are free – and this adage truly extends to green locations in our ‘fine city’! Finding information about Anderson’s Meadow was difficult, so we’ll keep this one brief. Sandwiched between a wide section of the river and a small tributary, this little gem of greenery can be found northwest, outside of the city – a perfect opportunity to jump in one of our fleet of ABC taxis, to save your legs for the beautiful wild swimming location! 

Riverside Spots Andersons Meadow
Andersons Meadow

Fishing also takes place along this section of the river, so whether you’re looking for a solo expedition, or a spot to spend the day by the river with friends or family, make your next outing here!

The Ribs of Beef

As far as relaxing with a drink and a view of the river, you can’t really get more genuine than the Ribs of Beef. A true Norwich institution, the Ribs of Beef is one of the few pubs in Norwich that has maintained the same ownership for over thirty years (which must put it in the standings of pubs in the country)! This charming 14th-century building was home to many a business until 1743, when it was first christened the Ribs of Beef, and stayed ever since.

Riverside Spots Ribs
Ribs Of Beef

While many pubs can be found near the river – for example, The Playhouse Theater, further in the city – the Ribs has a distinct advantage with its riverside terrace, which is perfect for any summer’s afternoon looking over the water! With a wide selection of food, and an even wider selection of beers, ranging from local ales to craft lagers, the Ribs is a true Wensum must-see! 

More information regarding the menu and location can be found at

Pub and Paddle 

We do like to save the best till last – if water activities are more your style, or if you find yourself near the Ribs of Beef and fancy yourself a riverboat exploration, the Pub and Paddle boat hire is almost definitely for you! We suggest this activity is enjoyed before your visit to the pub! 

Riverside Spots Pub and Paddle
Pub and Paddle

Offering three different routes, ranging from a short 4, to a 7 hour expedition, accompanied with guided pub stops for drinks and lunch along the Wensum, and visiting important riverside buildings and locations, this Canadian Canoe hiring spot is perfect for any day out, with the family, friends or even those active couples out there! Pub and Paddle even offer a picnic boating package for larger groups, and an evening paddling package. With affordable prices, ranging from £20 per person, there is no reason not to explore the Wensum the best way possible – by gliding along its gorgeous winding bends!

You can find the pub and paddle right next to the quay adjacent to the Ribs of Beef – for more information, regarding prices, journeys and bookings, please visit – 


Exciting Destinations in Norwich for Couples 2021

No two people are alike – so it stands to reason that you and your partner are unlike any other couple around. Days out and evenings together vary from person to person, so if you’re both looking for that scenic historical walk in the morning, or that romantic dinner where everything seems just right, then look no further than our guide for couples in Norwich.

Of course, we can’t claim to know exactly what you and your special someone are looking for, so we’ve tried our best to find the perfect locations and shared activities to match our list of archetypal couples. Feel free to mix and match these adventures, so you can craft your day out to remember.

For The Historians 

guide for couples

Being the largest complete medieval city in the country, Norwich must be at the top of any budding historians’ bucket list – and for good reason. The amount of historical and heritage sites in Tombland alone could fill a list of their own, so here’s a slice of what two time-travellers could get up to – but keep hunting.

Norwich 12

While there are museums a-plenty across the city – the South Asia Collection and Norwich Castle, to name just two – the recent Norwich 12 initiative is perfect for any historical sleuths. Like a time-travelling scavenger hunt, Norwich 12 is a curated tour through the city, highlighting and exemplifying historical periods through important moments and architecture. Ranging from 1067, up through the turn of the millennium, this self-guided tour has an endless amount of potential.

Norwich 12

Norwich 12 spans the entirety of the city, so a booking with ABC Taxis may help save energy, and also aid with accessibility.

More information can be found here

Adam And Eve 

 Adam and Eve Pub

On your tour, you might want to stop by what is lovingly referred to as, ‘probably the oldest pub in Norwich’. You can find this hidden gem in Bishopgate, with a sunny front garden and cosy interior. Adam and Eve has a rich history, with its earliest reference being around 1249 when it was used as a brewhouse for workers building Norwich Cathedral. 

For more information, Adam and Eve can be found on Facebook, or contact them at 01603 667423

For The Up-For-Anythings

While Norwich’s history plays a large role in its personality, don’t be fooled, there are still plenty of buzzing night-life spots for that pair who decide the night has only finished when the sun comes up. With restrictions easing, there’s never been a better time to let your hair down, let loose and dance the night away with your partner – here are a few of our picks for those party-mad pairs. 

Norwich Play House 


Being both an excellent theatre space, and Norwich University of the Arts’ self-appointed student bar – the Play House offers a start to an evening that might lead in all sorts of directions. With a wide selection of drinks, welcoming environment and friendly staff, it’s always easy to mingle with the locals, or just relax with your partner by this trendy riverside spot.

For both information, and booking in for events or reservations, visit the website

Gonzo’s Tea Room 


As far as one-stop locations go, Gonzo’s really has it all. High-quality restaurant and bar by day – late night club and disco by night, Gonzo’s sports four floors, suiting each party person’s needs, from old school disco remixes to drum and bass and jungle, why leave? Oh, did we mention the rooftop garden and bar?

For information and reservations, visit the website

The Trend Setters

Having two universities in a city tends to attract a younger class of city dwellers, and with them comes a lot of new trends – but they have to find them somewhere right? For the couple who like turning heads, there are enough vintage, retro and modern apparel stores to set trends seasons ahead of everyone else. Here’s a short selection of places to visit, along with a few hangout spots to show it all off.

The Lanes

The Lanes

While this isn’t exactly one place, any trendy tourists need to find themselves lost in the Lanes once or twice. Simply put everything from clothes to records, to food and furniture can be found down any of these historic streets. The best way to discover this part of the city really is to just explore, however, if its recommendations you’re after, take a look at, which hosts not only shops and restaurants but events that are being held continuously in the area.



As far as pop-ups go, this might be as trendy as it gets. Opening in July, and packing up in early September, we would be remiss in not reminding you about this spot. Within the grounds of Norwich Castle, Mysagarden (also Mysabar) celebrates the wide variety of street food vendors, and craft beer breweries in Norwich, throwing in live music and DJ sets for good measure. With an interior that should be the envy of most any restaurant, this pop-up goes above and beyond and is sure to impress.

For bookings, and to see what’s on, visit 

The Romantics 

Of course, we couldn’t leave this list without mentioning at least a handful of those perfect places in Norwich, where all that matters is your spending time with your partner – combined with any of the previous activities and locations, these romantic getaways are perfect for that short summer weekend away for any occasion – or perhaps for those spontaneous ‘let’s just do it’ moments.

The Ivy

 The Ivy

Be sure to dress to impress for this one – one of the finest restaurants and bars in the heart of the city, The Ivy Brasserie will be a night to remember. With a beautiful show-stopping cocktail bar and decor to match, the Ivy is available for both afternoon and evening dining, although be sure to make a reservation, as this might be one of the most sought after establishments in Norwich.

Booking is strongly advised, so take a look at

The Maids Head Hotel

Maids Head Hotel

Overlooking the iconic Norwich Cathedral, the Maids Head Hotel is considered to be one of, if not the oldest hotel in the country (I’m looking at you Historians). With both cosy rooms for a night, or wonderfully large, open suites for those romantic getaways. The Maids Head also prides itself on The Winepress – an award-winning restaurant – one of the most charming bars in Norwich (which is open to the public), and Best Beauty, an on-site spa for those evenings of pure relaxation. 

For more information and bookings, visit


ABC Taxi’s overdue moment of silence for Norwich’s Year of the Dinosaurs

A meteor wiped out the dinosaurs and, only a short 65 million years later, their visit to Norwich was cut short by their second apocalypse. These guys just can’t catch a break!

Doesn’t ring a bell? No one blames you. We’ve all been a bit preoccupied.

Dippy: this is your life | Natural History Museum
Dino super-star Dippy the Diplodocus

This is Dippy. Dippy first woke up from a 150million year old slumber by a group of Wyoming Railroad workers back in 1898. He became an overnight sensation when the newspapers crowned him the most colossal animal ever on earth. That’s because he’s a sauropod: The group of long-necked giants that roamed the earth during the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era.

Dippy’s home used to be London’s Natural History Museum where he’d grace the steps of the magnificent Hintze Hall. That is until 2017, when he decided to see more of the world. His tour took him to Glasgow, Newcastle, Ulster, Cardiff. Dippy was making his way all over the country. However, his journey was cut short before his final stop: Norwich Cathedral.

Summer 2020 was supposed to harken the arrival of the spectacular sauropod. Sadly, something came up. And Dippy wasn’t the only prehistoric visitor who didn’t get to experience our fine city. GoGo Discover’s much loved statues were set to make a return this time with a lurid trail of T-Rexes all over the city. GoGo Discover are responsible for the yearly statue trails that appear in the summer months. You’ll remember the bunnies, gorillas and dragons of previous years. These statues have raised over a million pounds for the charity Break which provides support for vulnerable children, young adults and families. Break does this by offering a pathway of support services that provide help and care to the people who need it.

Also part of the grand reception were a plethora of dinosaur themed activities planned by the Cathedral in partnership with the Natural History Museum including a prehistoric art competition in a programme the Cathedral is calling the Summer of Dinosaur Fun.

Luckily, there’s always 2021.

The year of the dinosaurs can wait no longer. Instead of waiting until the summer for a season of amazing dinosaur activities, Dippy’s time on display at the Cathedral will take place January to March. As for the T-Rex statues, they’ll be placed around the city around July. Could this be a blessing in disguise? Instead of a summer, we’re being treated to almost a whole year of dinosaur amusements.

Or, perhaps, the dinosaurs never left us at all. The British Trust for ornithology has reported that, since the beginning of April, 7,000 people had signed up to take part in its Garden Birdwatch. As they’ve previously had 11,000 users, that’s an increase of over 60%. With regular exercise and walks having been a must this year, we’ve all had a bit more time to spends some time amongst the birds. You might have heard that birds are relatives of dinosaurs but that’s not quite true. Birds are dinosaurs – and the sight and sound of them have been getting many of us through lockdown.

Blue and Gray Bird on Brown Tree Branch
A fearsome predator

So the pressure of lockdown has left these planned events frozen in time (wish there was some way to link this back to dinosaurs). But hey, 2020 is almost over and the dinosaurs will be coming out to play. That is, if you haven’t already taken the time to spot the many dinosaurs around us already.

If you’re in the mood for a mesozoic road-trip, ABC Taxis has got you covered. Thanks to our eco-friendly fleet of 150 hybrid vehicles, we’re going easy on the fossil fuels. So whether you’re booking through Facebook Messenger or the ABC Taxis app, we’re you’re eco-friendly ride to all the activities planned in the (new!) Year of the Dinosaurs 2021. See you there!


ABC Guide To The Norwich Lanes

Norwich city boasts over 1500 historic buildings within the city walls. At one time the city had over 350 pubs and its 33 medieval can still be found dotted around every corner. Strolling down the stunning cobbled lanes of Elm Hill is like walking back in time with amazing examples of Tudor buildings and merchants’ houses lining the street.

Grab a taxi into the town centre and take a leisurely stroll around Norwich Lanes to find a multitude of over 300 quirky and quaint independent shops, cafes, restaurants and cultural attractions. Here is the ABC Taxis guide to some great places to visit all within Norwich Lanes.


Grosvenor Fish Bar

Grovesnor Fish Bar, Lower Goat Lane

Just on the corner of Pottergate on Lower Goat Lane is a beautiful 1700’s listed building that is home to the award-winning Grosvenor Fish Bar.  A traditional family business serving fantastic fish and chips.

Cupcake and Co

Cupcake and Co, Upper St Giles Street.

Situated on Upper St Giles Street is this quaint little bakery specialising in delicious and exciting cupcakes is definitely worth a visit.  Gluten free and vegan options are available and they also bake custom cakes/ cupcake boxes for any celebration or event.  

Sahara Cafe & Patisserie

Sahara Cafe & Patisserie, St Benedicts Street.

Situated on St Benedicts Street is Sahara Norwich’s only North African-style coffee shop.  Try the Sahara mint tea, Arabic coffee and traditional patisserie or indulge in some homemade African dishes such as chakchouka.  Classic paninis, wraps and breakfasts are also available so there is sure to be something for everyone’s taste.  The cafe hosts some gorgeous hand painted African plates and bowls as well as a vast selection of herbs and spices used in traditional North African cooking, all available to buy from the shop.

Jive Kitchen & Bar

Jive Kitchen & Bar, Exchange Street.

Visit Jive Bar on Exchange Street for a taste of Mexico.  Using authentic Mexican ingredients you can expect some of the finest burritos, tacos and tequila Norwich has to offer. Book a table for lunch or dinner or simply pop in for a drink and some fantastic bar snacks.  


The Birdcage

The Birdcage, Pottergate.

Originally built in 1859 the Birdcage is situated at the hub of the Norwich Lanes and features an art deco style building. Formerly known as the Morning Start, the Brown Derby and the Pottergate Tavern the Birdcage is now a fantastic music venue with fine ale, eclectic art and even plays host to BUMS a weekly life drawing class open to artists of all levels.

Bedfords Bar

Bedfords Bar, Bedfords Street.

Situated on Bedford Street and having recently undergone a massive refurbishment this 40 year old establishment still holds its place as one of Norwich’s favourite hangouts.  A new stage, PA and lighting setup was recently erected upstairs to provide an ongoing platform for the Norwich local music scene.

Frank’s Bar

Frank’s Bar, Bedford Street.

For a casual coffee or glass of wine accompanied by delicious light meals and bar snacks Franks Bar is a premier destination.  Located on Bedford Street this establishment has an amazing Sunday Breakfast menu and is the perfect place to meet with friends in a relaxed casual environment.

The Rumsey Wells

The Rumsey Wells, St Andrews Street.

Priding themselves with a huge selection of ales and beverages The Rumsey on St Andrews Street is a real ale pub that also specialises in rum and is home to ‘The Underbelly’ a dedicated rum bar featuring over 40 types of the liquor.  Most nights will feature live music, a dj or quizzes and with a stunning outdoor courtyard The Rumsey Wells is truly not to be missed.


18a at the Grosvenor

18a at the Grosvenor, Pottergate.

If you are visiting Norwich for the first time then why not make a night of it and stay in the heart of the Norwich Lanes. 18a at the Grosvenor is located on Pottergate and is a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with views onto St Gregory’s Green and a stone’s throw from the marketplace.

38 St Giles B&B

38 St Giles B&B, St Giles Street.

This stunning bed and breakfast features 5 stunning en suite bedrooms over 3 floors and is situated in the heart of the city within walking distance of the Theatre Royal and a short taxi ride to any venue or attraction in the city.  The ground floor features an exquisite breakfast room that catches the sun every morning, and one you step outside the beautiful house the forum and marketplace are on your doorstep.


Cinema City

Cinema City, St Andrew Street.

Directly opposite St Andrews Church on St Andrews Street is Suckling House, the 16th-century home of Norwich’s Mayor, Sheriff and Burgess, Robert Suckling. Within its walls Cinema City is now housed.  Showing an eclectic mix of art-house and foreign cinema as well as some old classics.  The building hosts a bar and screens up to 6 films a day.

Fire and Flux

Fire and Flux, Lower Goat Lane

Visit Fire and Flux on Lower Goat Lane for an awesome display of local pottery and ceramics from some of the region’s most talented artists, alongside some internationally known creators.  Work stations are available to rent for artists own use and are a great resource for potters who don’t own their own studio. 

St Gregory’s Antiques & Collectables

St Gregory’s Antiques & Collectables, Pottergate.

Located at Pottergate in the heart of the Norwich Lanes is St Gregory’s Antiques & Collectables.  If you are a fan of anything vintage then you will enjoy a visit to this amazing antiques emporium and browsing the vast selection of vintage toys, records clothing, jewellery and much more.  All housed within a stunning stained glass adorned church. 


Mae Cosmetics

Mae Cosmetics, St Gregory’s Alley.

Mae Cosmetics is located on St Gregory’s Alley and they specialise in high end non-surgical beauty treatments including Permanent Make Up, Lash Treatments, Skin Therapy and more.  Why not book in for a treatment and pamper yourself for an afternoon.

The Wax Bar

The Wax Bar, St John Maddermarket.

Head to St John Maddermarket and visit The Wax Bar for a hygienic and virtually pain free wax procedure.  Establishing themselves 9 years ago The Wax Bar has gown a reputation for being a one of the best places for men and women to get their Unisex Brazilian’s and Hollywood’s.  Other services include Threading Hair removal, Gel nails, semi permanent mascara and more.


Glambox, St Benedicts Street.

Glambox is a stunning beauty salon offering a variety of high-end treatments. Operated by fully trained and experienced therapists and using only the best products, Glambox is located on St Benedicts Street and is a warm relaxed environment for many beauty treatments.

Feel Good Therapies

Feel Good Therapies, Pottergate.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Pottergate is Bagley’s Court home to Feel Good Therapies.  A Norwich based business focused on providing therapeutic treatments to those looking to improve their overall wellbeing.  Their holistic approach means you don’t have to be ‘unwell’ to benefit from the relaxation and balance that a session at Feel Good Therapies can provide.



Jarrolds, Norwich Marketplace.

Right at the heart of the city centre stands the beautiful Jarrold’s department store. The stunning five-storey building is home to the family-run business and boasts over 50 different departments, including the exquisite Beauty Hall, 3 restaurants, a coffee bar and Deli.  the store also features a comprehensive book store and an entire floor dedicated to fashion.


Flicka, Dve Street.

Offering high quality sustainable organically sourced products Flicka prides itself as being a stylish baby and toddler boutique nestled in the heart of norwich on Dove Street.

Conscious of the use of plastic the Flicka inventory can be recognised by the ‘Scandi’ style fit which gives children the freedom to naturally develop and build on their creativity.

Rainbow Wholefoods

Rainbow Wholefoods, Old Fire Station Stables.

Tucked away in the Old Fire Station Stables right next to the marketplace is Rainbow Wholefoods.  They have resided in the building for almost 30 years and have become a staple supply of organic, vegetarian and GM free wholefood for Norwich residents.  Supplying more than 5000 products the business has become one of the UK’s leading wholefood wholesalers.



With Summer drawing to a close and the days becoming shorter, here at ABC Taxis we thought it would be a good idea to provide a guide to a few things you can do throughout September. As the weather becomes more unpredictable and colder, relieve those Winter blues and enjoy those last few sunny days with our list of great things to do in and around Norwich this month.


‘Pop up’ guided meditation session with The Meditation Man.

The Meditation Man sessions are hosted at the Plantation Gardens on Earlham Road,

Set in the stunning plantation Gardens on Earlham Road, this ticketed hour-long guided meditation session is a perfect alternative to the post lockdown rush.  The meditation session is suitable for adults of all abilities and the outdoor space allows for appropriate social distancing.  Masks are not a requirement but you must bring your own cushion, mat or folding chair. The event runs between 9.15 -10.15 on Saturday 5th and Saturday 12th of September in the Plantation Gardens on Earlham Road and tickets are £4.75 each. Parking is available but limited so booking a taxi is recommended.

Festival Of Wellness Norwich 2020

The Norwich Wellness Festival takes place at St Andrews Hall.

Join like-minded individuals for a weekend of handcrafted items, alternative therapies and more at St Andrews Hall on Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of September.  Entry is free and the weekend will feature workshops, spiritual mediums and psychics from over 60 exhibitors.  Refreshments are available and the weekend will feature a variety of wellbeing demonstrations and talks.


Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle is one of the citiest most iconic landmarks.

Arguably the city’s most prominent landmark is Norwich Castle.  Built by the Normans over 900 years ago the castle now plays host to a museum and art gallery and is packed with treasures and artefacts that make a visit to Norwich Castle an intriguing and exciting day out for all the family. Visit the website for ticket prices and further information about events and social distancing measures. Perfect for those not so sunny days.

The South Asia Collection

The Asia Collection are the artefacts collected by Philip and Jeannie Millward.

Housed in a stunning grade 2 listed building, this architectural wonder was built to house a Victorian roller skating in the late 1800s the building was converted into a theatre only a year after opening.  After a variety of purposes, it now houses the collection of  Philip and Jeannie Millward, who started the collection in 1979 and has since grown to be an internationally renowned showcase of Asian artefacts, art and objects.  Featuring everything from a Javanese Wayang Puppetry exhibit to Indian Deities and Ritual Objects   It includes authentic embroidered, woven and printed textiles; 18th-century paintings and prints to vernacular furniture and everyday domestic objects from the region.  Immerse yourself in South East Asian culture with a visit to the collection on Bethel Street and be sure to visit their website for guidance for visitors.


Norwich Cathedral

Wherever you are in Norwich you’re likely to see the towering Romanesque spire of Norwich Cathedral.  The 900-year-old architecture is awe-inspiring and a wonder to explore and often plays host to exhibitions.  Grab a light bite to eat in the Refectory café and relax in the serenity of the Herb and Japanese Gardens.  Located in the grassed centre of The Cloisters is a labyrinth laid to Commemorate Her Majesty The Queens Golden Jubilee.  You are invited to walk the labyrinth that is said to represent a spiritual journey and can be used for those amongst other things, seeking guidance, grieving or resolving a problem.  

The cathedral invites general visitors and tourists to visit when public worship is not taking place. Opening times are usually Sunday 1pm- 3 pm, Monday to Friday 10am-4pm, and Saturday 10am-3pm. Currently, entry into the cathedral for general visitors is via the Hostry and all visits will be subject to a one-way route and social distancing measures.  Parking is limited so booking a taxi is advised.


Enjoy nature in the garden with Hawks and Owls


Visit Grapes Hill Community Garden on Sunday, September the 20th for an amazing showcase of hawks and owls from Norfolk Wild Encounters all on display on the lawn.  The event will also see areas dedicated to Hodmedods Hedgehog Support and Acle Crafts and will be a fantastic day out for the family to enjoy nature and crafts and to get up close to some magnificent creatures.  Entry is free but places must be booked and children must be accompanied by an adult. A one in one out policy and a one-way system will be implemented so be prepared to wait at the gate for a period of time before entering.  

Help maintain the community garden on Grapes Hill by registering to become a volunteer gardener.  It is also possible to rent a raised bed for your own horticulture.

Foraging in Mousehold

Mousehold Heath is the perfect spot for walking and foraging for mushrooms.

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are starting to turn to and the mushroom season is nearly upon us.  On the ground, beneath the mulch of leaves, many species of fungus are emerging. Appearing with astonishing speed in the perfect conditions Mousehold heath is the perfect foraging spot for all kinds of edible mushrooms.  It’s strongly advised to be accompanied by someone who knows what they’re looking for as many species of fungus are poisonous.  But find the right spot and during the month of September, a whole bounty of edible mushrooms can be collected.

Spectacular Woodland Colours

Fairhaven is a hidden gem just a short distance from Norwich.

For those who like to get out into nature Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden is a hidden gem in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. Stunning woodland walks and gardens set in over 130 acres of ancient woodland. Grab some refreshments at the quaint tearoom and plant sales area, and for the youngsters, there is a children’s nature trail. Whilst visiting during September you are likely to enjoy migrant birds and wildlife in the garden as well as many varieties of fungi and toadstools. Entry is Adult £7.50 for Adults, Concessions £6.95, Children 4+ £3.95.


Guide to Eating Out To Help Out In Norwich

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme is a fantastic initiative aimed to drive revenue into local restaurants and eateries throughout August.  Halfway through the month and it is clear the scheme is a roaring success with many businesses seeing more trade than they’ve ever experienced.  Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout August restaurants across the UK are offering substantial discounts on their menus.

So make the most of this exciting month by dining out and experiencing new cuisines with the help of ABC Taxis guide to some of the best eating destinations in Norwich participating in the Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

Al Dente

Centrally located on St Giles Street.  

Boasting some of the finest Italian cuisines in Norwich Al Dente incorporates authentic Italian ingredients and recipes to create a menu that reflects all the classics you’d expect but with modern Italian gastronomical flair.  Their delicious handmade pasta is available to purchase from the Deli Shop so you can recreate your favourite dishes at home.  Or at least attempt to.


Located on Magdalen Street.

For those who love their seafood, Brummell’s is an understated gem. With numerous awards under their belt, the menu is an inspiring mix of locally sourced ingredients, through to renowned international favourites.   The stylish décor has lots of character and the fantastic service and attention to detail is what makes Brummells a top dining destination in Norwich.   


St John Maddermarket, Norwich

If you enjoy Thai cuisine then this family-owned and run restaurant is always highly recommended.    The food at Chamthai is crafted using authentic ingredients and is delivered with well-balanced spices, heat and zestiness.  Every dish is beautifully presented and the restaurant is cosy and relaxed.

Trattoria Rustica

Princes Street, Norwich.

Another Italian delight situated in the heart of Tombland, on one of Norwich’s many rugged cobbled streets is family owned and run Trattoria Rustica. Serving up a delightful menu of classic antipasti, pasta and pizza plus some speciality dishes and the finest wine around.  This gorgeous little restaurant is tucked away and has a cosy, rustic appeal.  Downstairs is a crypt area that can be hired for private meals and the service is second to none.  Truly one of the best restaurants in town. 


St Benedicts Street, Norwich.

Nestled in the heart of the city on St Benedicts Street is ‘Bistronomy’ style restaurant, Farmyard.  The menu is varied and vast, and every dish is beautifully presented, rich and flavoursome.  With everything handmade from scratch using the best locally sourced ingredients, Expect freshly baked sourdough bread and ingredients cooked over charcoal on their own “Bertha” oven.


Lower Goat Lane, Norwich.

If you’re looking for some simple but fine quality French cuisine in stylish and comfortable surroundings then head down to L’Hexagone for some lunch.  This French Bistro in the heart of the Norwich lanes is owned and run by Husband and wife team Thomas Aubrit and Gemma Aubrit-Layfield. The lunch menus are seasonal and the dishes are all handmade using fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients, and based on Thomas’ own daily recipes.  

The Kimchi

Serving up their own blend of Korean comfort food The Kimchi comes highly recommended for their high-quality dishes and attention to detail. Situated in the centre of Norwich near the marketplace The Kimchi boasts an impressive menu at reasonable prices. Book early to avoid disappointment and expect some absolute delights from their very own KFC (Korean Fried Chicken ) through to Man-Doo (dumplings) and Crispy Savoury Pancakes.  Sound good?

The Ivy

London Street, Norwich.

Offering a wide variety of all-day contemporary British cuisine and internationally insured dishes The Ivy is a great destination for dining in Norwich.  The stunning gold bar sets the scene for an eloquent, if not a romantic dining experience.  Offering an a la carte menu as well as generous set menu and vegetarian and vegan options. Expect fantastic service in a relaxed atmosphere with great food and wine.


10 Best Family Days Out In Norfolk

Norfolk is a fantastic holiday destination with its stunning coastline and rural landscape.  You’re never too far away from a sandy beach or an amazing historical attraction or monument.  Norfolk also hosts a wonderful range of activities and destinations that will keep the kids entertained and engaged.  We’ve put together a list of some great family days out suitable for smaller children up to teenagers, all of which should entertain them and leave them tired out until the next day.  Find out about the best attractions, theme parks and places to go with the kids in our top list of 10 great days out that the whole family can enjoy in Norfolk.

Bewilderwood, Wroxham

Bewilderwood, Horning Road, Hoveton

This woodland adventure is an award-winning attraction based on the book series ‘ A Boggle at BeWILDerwood’. Set in the heart of a gorgeous forest this amazing day out brings parents and children together for a magical adventure of treehouses, wobbly wires, slippery slopes and much more.

Cruise along the river in a Bewildwerboat or even attend one of the special daily fancy dress parties or puppet shows.  Having just reopened their wonky wooden gates, pre-booking is essential and additional safety measures are in place and there is plenty of information on their website explaining the current procedures. Boat rides, arts & crafts, storytelling and parking is included in the ticket price, and unfortunately, face painting is not offered at the park in the current climate and at the time of writing this article soft play facilities are still not open.  Facilities include WCs, baby changing, parking, gift shop, picnic areas, food outlets, wheelchair access around the park.  Prices range between £9.50 and £18.50. Visit their awesome website for further details.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, Lenwade

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure, Weston Park, Lenwade

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is set in a stunning 85-acre woodland park and features life-size models of real dinosaurs plus loads of cute animals and play areas to keep the kids entertained. Featuring climbing nets, ball pools and high ropes, and a soft play area for the younger kids this family day out is suitable for children of all ages but please note that at the time of this article soft-play areas are still not allowed to be open.  In recent years a new dedicated party room has been introduced and is a great dino-themed destination for birthdays.   The party package includes a buffet-style meal, party bags and a personal visit from Dippy the Dino himself. Ticket prices start at £13.95 and children under 90cm tall are able to visit the park for free.  Please visit the website for more information.

ABC Taxis are proud to have a partnership with Roarr Dinosaur Adventure and are now offering a discounted flat fare of just £15 one way for a 3 seater car, from St.Stephens Street or Castle Meadow direct to the park. A 6 seater mini-bus will cost £22.50*.

*Prices and offer available at the time of this article

Pirates Island Adventure Golf, Blofield

Pirates Island Adventure Golf, Yarmouth Road, Norwich

This awesome adventure combines pirates and crazy golf to create a swashbuckling day out that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Navigate your way through treacherous crocodile-infested waters, exploding cannons and join Captain Alert Ross and his crew to hunt for hidden treasure.  Pre-booking is essential in order to monitor the number of people on the course and please expect added safety precautions and social distancing measures to be in place, in accordance with the government guidelines.  Please visit the website for more details.

The whole park is wheelchair and pushchair accessible and prices range from £2 to £6. 

High Altitude, Norwich

High Altitude, Whiffler Road, Norwich,

This one is sure to tire the kids out. High Altitude trampoline park offers a surface of 80 interlinked wall to wall trampolines to jump, fly and flip around.  The centre offers freestyle sessions for anyone over 6 years old and special sessions for under 10’s and for toddlers.

There is also a soft play area for the very young tots (which at the time of this article is not open) and Slam Dunk Lanes and a Dodge Ball Court for the extra sporty types. When you’re hungry you can grab a bite from the cafe and watch the kids play safely from the viewing gallery.  High Altitude is a great all-weather activity which kids of all ages can enjoy.  See their website for prices and further information.

Miniature Worlds, Wroxham 

Miniature Worlds, Horning Rd Wroxham

Wroxham Miniature Worlds are the UK’s largest indoor modelling attraction playing host to some of the worlds biggest model railway displays.  Stretching over 10,000 square feet this attraction is made up of different zones including slot car displays, an entire LegoTM city, a vintage penny arcade and model boat displays.  Get a taste for piloting a plane in the interactive flight simulator or drive a locomotive in the train simulator. With an on-site cafe and toy shop model shop and some railway layouts you can operate yourself, there is something for the whole family to enjoy.  Please head over to their website for opening times and prices. 

Pettitts Animal Adventure Park, Reedham

Pettitts Animal Adventure Park, Church Rd, Reedham

Looking after and learning about animals at a young age nurtures a caring and loving nature in people, and what child doesn’t enjoy the chance to see meerkats, pigs, chipmunks and monkeys up close.  Set within the stunning backdrop of the Norfolk Broads, animal fans of all ages will love feeding and petting the creatures and there is also the opportunity to visit the reptile house and feed the fish.  The park features several awesome rides and is a great all-weather destination as it features some awesome indoor play facilities too.  Prices range from £4 – £22 per person depending on the package. Please visit the site for price information

Namco Funscape, Bowthorpe

Namco Funscape, Barnard Road, Norwich

For a fun time bowling, enjoying great food, drinks and arcade games Namco Funscape is the perfect destination.  Offering tailored parties for both children and teens the kids are sure to have a fantastic time.  When booking a party package you’ll receive a party pack through the post including invitations and a special sticker for the birthday girl/boy.  Whether it’s an adrenaline head to head on the latest racing game or challenging family to an air hockey tournament, Namco Funscape has something for everyone to enjoy and is a perfect rainy day activity. Open from the 1st August please check the website for more details.

Norfolk Snowsports Club, Trowse

Norfolk Snowsports Club, Trowse, Norwich

Open to seasoned professionals looking to ski or snowboard openly to total novices and those who just want to be flung down the slope on a tube.  Norfolk Snowsports Club caters for all skill levels and provides a membership program and one off open practice sessions.  Featuring a variety of terrains such as the Fun Park, Mogus and Waves, all equipment is included in the hourly rate and trained supervisors are always on hand to ensure you are using the right boots and skis/board for your requirements.  Sessions are currently limited to 20 people so advanced booking is advised.  Please see the website for more information.

Eaton Park 

Eaton Park, Norwich

Set in a large picturesque heritage park close to Norwich, Eaton Park is a great place to visit with the family.  For birthday parties and small gatherings (in the current climate) Eaton Park Crazy Golf offers 18 fun-filled holes to enjoy, or for something more tranquil why not opt for taking an RC boat out onto the boating lake.  With plenty to do including a children’s playground, picnic spots and sporting activities Eaton Park makes for a great sunny day out for the whole family.

Wroxham Barns

Wroxham Barns, Hoveton, Norwich

For those who love arts and crafts and nature, Wroxham Barns will not disappoint. Having recently merged their Junior Farm and Funpark attractions into one offering the doors are once again open for families to come and enjoy anything from Jumping Pillows, Water Wars, and Go-Karts to getting up close and personal with Ant and Dec the resident Alpacas or feeding the greedy goats.  With loads of great activities including egg collecting, train rides and the Pirate Ship theme park ride Wroxham Barns is a guaranteed winner for a fantastic family outing.


International Women’s Day 2020 In Norwich

International Women’s Day, which is celebrated every year on the 8th of March, is taking place this coming Sunday! You may already know that this holiday is about celebrating the achievements of women around the world, but why do we do this? And how?

In this week’s blog, we’ll tell you about the origins of the upcoming holiday, including how it started and why it is important. We have also put together some ideas for things to do if you feel like getting involved in the Women’s Day celebrations in Norwich this weekend!

The Origins of Women’s Day: A Timeline

So where did this holiday come from, and why? Maybe you have only started hearing about it more recently, but International Women’s Day (IWD) has been around for well over a century! 

28 February, 1909: National Woman’s Day is held in New York City, organised by the Socialist Party of America. Women lobby for fair working conditions and the right to vote (suffrage), which they won’t achieve until August 1920.

Women lobby for fair working conditions and the right to vote (suffrage)

1909 – 1910: Many activists are inspired by the idea, and attendees at the Second International (an organisation of socialist and labour parties) agree to adopt the holiday, finding it a good strategy to promote equal rights and suffrage for women. 

19 March, 1911: International Women’s Day is first celebrated in Austria-Hungary, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. In Austra-Hungary alone, more than 300 demonstrations take place to fight gender discrimination and secure women’s rights to study, work, and vote. Over one million women and men attend the rallies across the world. In the USA, it takes place in February. 

February 1913: Russian women observe their first International Women’s Day on the last Saturday of the month. 

8 March 1914: International Women’s Day is held in Germany and England, where women continue to fight for the right to vote. 

In Petrograd (now St. Petersburg), the capital of the Russian Empire, women textile workers demonstrate across the city,

8 March 1917: In Petrograd (now St. Petersburg), the capital of the Russian Empire, women textile workers demonstrate across the city, marking the beginning of the February Revolution, the first of two revolutions that eventually ended dynastic rule in Russia and brought about the USSR. The Soviets officially adopted the holiday when they came to power, although it was a working day until 1965, when it was declared a national non-working day.

After this series of events, Women’s Day was mainly celebrated by communist countries and movements. This includes commemoration in China starting in 1922, with an official holiday and half-day off for women proclaimed in 1949 after the founding of the People’s Republic. A women’s march was also led by communist leaders in Madrid in 1936, on the eve of the Spanish Civil War. 

Circa 1967: Second-wave feminists adopt the day as one of activism, and over the next decades women’s groups, leftists, and labor organisations continue to cooperate to call for equal pay, equal economic opportunity, equal legal rights, reproductive rights, subsidized child care, and the prevention of violence against women. 

Stamps issued in Germany (DDR) 1975, MiNr Zusammendruck 2019-2021

1975: The United Nations celebrates International Women’s Year, and names the decade to follow (‘76 to ‘85) the United Nations Decade for Women. As a result of the international focus on women’s rights in this year, a number of women-centred institutions were established, including the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW) and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). These continue to lead in promoting women’s human rights worldwide. 

1996: the UN begins adopting an annual theme for International Women’s Day. The first one was “Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future”. 

21st Century: As corporations begin to sponsor and promote IWD events and feel-good messages, especially in the West, social reforms fade into the background, and many organisations (including the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN, among others) initiate campaigns to raise awareness of the disproportional hardships women continue to face globally.

IWD Around The World

Women’s Day is an official holiday in 27 countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia. It is also widely observed in many countries where it is not a public holiday, such as Cameroon, Romania, and Chile. The context and celebrations of the holiday vary significantly from one country to another. 

In some countries, such as Russia, the day has lost its political context over time and is now simply a day to honour women and feminine beauty. Men often give women little gifts and flowers on this day. In countries like Bulgaria and Romania, the day is also observed as an equivalent of Mother’s Day, where children traditionally give small gifts to their mothers and grandmothers. In Italy, on the other hand, men traditionally give women yellow mimosas on Women’s Day. 

International Women’s Day started as part of socialist and feminist political movements in the West in the early 1900s, but it is now truly international, with many cultures, countries, and people celebrating it in many different ways. 

Whether the origins of the holiday are significant to you, you think the holiday is a nice opportunity to appreciate the women in your life, or this is just like any other weekend to you, why not get out of the house and celebrate? Here are a handful of events taking place in Norwich over the weekend for International Women’s Day. 

Events In Norwich This Weekend

A Feast of True Stories: In Praise Of Great Women at the Bicycle Shop

The Bicycle Shop on St Benedict Street teams up with Norwich Arts Centre and The Sainsbury Laboratory for another edition of A Feast of True Stories. For Women’s Day, they’re arranging a three-course meal, welcome drink, and table service accompanied by talks surrounding the great achievements of ordinary women. Doors open at 18:30 and the event begins at 19:00. You can check out the full menu and book your place here!

Women’s Day at the Buddhist Centre

The Norwich Buddhist Centre at 14 Bank Street is celebrating IWD with a Women’s Dharma Workshop. The aim is to ‘reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination’ by women. The day will include metta meditation, stories of courageous dharma practitioners, and a shared lunch. The event is open to all, and payment is by donation. 

Walking Women (first Tuesday of every month)

This one is not directly related to International Women’s Day, but it’s a monthly activity organised by women, for women. On the first day of every month, women meet for an approximately 1.5 hour walk through the spectacular Holkham Estate. If you love sociable walks, find out more here and join them sometime!

Whether or not you’re celebrating International Women’s Day, we hope our brief history lesson was informative, and we wish you a wonderful weekend! 


6 Great Breweries To Visit In Norfolk

East Anglia is known for being home to of some of the best breweries in Europe. Brewers here have long maintained the tradition amidst fields upon fields of the world’s best malting barley. These days, with the help of refined technology and the rising popularity of craft beer, the independent brewing scene is thriving. Beer is not only a beverage, but a whole field which is simultaneously an artistic endeavour, a culinary speciality, and a branch of science. 

Breweries are a point of pride for Norfolk, so if you have an interest in the art of brewing or you just like to drink beer, don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the best local breweries. We have compiled a list of some of our favourites for your next birthday, office party, or family day out. Of course, you can always rely on ABC Taxis to get you there and back. 

Redwell Brewery

The Arches, Norwich, NR1 2EF

redwell brewery taproom bar
The opening of the taproom bar at Redwell Brewery, via Norwich Evening News

Founded in 2013, Redwell is one of the first craft breweries in the UK to offer an entirely vegan and gluten-free range. Situated just outside of Norwich city centre near Whitlingham Country Park, the brewery boasts one of Norwich’s biggest beer gardens, making it an especially perfect destination in warmer months. 

A summertime shot of the beer garden at Redwell Brewery, via Twitter

Redwell is all about the vibes, and they organise monthly brewery tours that you can join, as well as numerous other beer, music, and craft events. They also offer tours and tasting sessions with their head brewer, which can be booked for private groups. 

As for their beer, their popular range includes a crisp pilsner, a fruity extra pale ale, and a super-hopped west coast PA, but they also experiment with hybrid brews such as their Steam lager and White IPA. 

Woodforde’s Brewery

Slad Lane, Woodbastwick, NR13 6SW

woodforde's brewery pub the fur and feather
Woodforde’s Brewery Tap, the Fur and Feather, via TripAdvisor

If you have been to the pub in Norfolk, you will undoubtedly have heard of Woodforde’s Brewery. The company was born back in the 60’s, when a pair of good friends with a passion for homebrewing and authentic flavours began handcrafting their own beers. In 1990, the brewery won CAMRA’s ‘New Breweries Champion Beer of Britain’ award with its Wherry – a beer it is still famous for today. Since then, the brewery has won over 130 awards for its delicious creations. 

The brewery in Woodbastwick (about 20 minutes from Norwich by cab) welcomes visitors to book a brewery tour online for just £15. Of course, you can also pop in for a pint or book a table at their very own country pub, which is called Fur and Feather. 

The Wolf Brewery

Norwich Road, Besthorpe, NR17 2LA

 the wolf brewery attleborough sainsburys contract
The Wolf Brewery team upon securing a contract with Sainsbury’s in 2012, via Diss Mercury

The Wolf Brewery is another well-established Norfolk brewery. Founder Wolfe Witham was well known in Norwich during the 1980s as the man behind the Reindeer brewpub, which was very popular at the time. The brewery first opened in 1995 on the former Gaymers Cider site in Attleborough, but outgrew those premises and invested in a new brew plant in 2006. They have now also installed their own bottling plant so that their prize-winning ales can be enjoyed further afield. 

The Wolf Brewery is a member of the East Anglian Brewers’ Co-Operative, which is working with local farmers towards ‘full traceability’ – meaning the beers they brew can be traced all the way from grain to glass. Among the brewery’s prize-winning beers are Straw Dog (wheat beer), Coyote (‘a well balanced hoppy ale’), and Golden Jackal (‘a hoppy thirst-quenching golden session bitter’).

You need to contact the brewery in order to book a tour, but it also has a shop where you can buy their beers as well as other bits and pieces. (You can also order beer from the Wolf online!) 

Lacons Brewery – The Honingham Buck

The Street, Honingham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5BL

Located in Great Yarmouth, Lacons is a well-established Norfolk brewery that has been around since the mid-18th century, and moved into its current premises in 2013. But Lacons does more than just beer, distributing over 2,000 product lines including beer, wine, spirits, and soft drinks. 

Lacons Brewery is well-known for Lacons Encore, an award-winning amber ale, as well as the rest of its multi-award winning core range. This is complemented by their seasonal beers, including small batches of heritage ales and keg beers which include Quell, a cult favourite, and the hoppy Steam Craft Lager. 

Honingham Buck Outdoor
The Lacons Brewery public house – the Honingham Buck, via The Honingham Buck website

Unfortunately, the brewery does not advertise tours. However, since 2015, Lacons has operated a public house in the village of Honingham. There, they showcase their multi-award-winning ales complemented by a locally-sourced contemporary menu. The public house also has 8 luxury en-suite rooms available, making it the perfect place for a weekend getaway. 

Humpty Dumpty Brewery

Church Road, Reedham, NR13 3TZ

humpty dumpty brewery reedham
Humpty Dumpty Brewery, via Broads National Park

Humpty Dumpty Brewery is known for creating delicious real ales since 1998. Based in Reedham at the heart of the Norfolk broads, the 18-barrel microbrewery’s playful name comes from a type of steam locomotive which operated on the Norwich-Lowestoft line in the early 20th century. These were-front heavy, and looked as though they might fall off the line, which led to the nickname Humpty Dumpty.

Humpty Dumpty Brewery is great to visit for its on-site shop (open daily from Easter to November), which sells a full range of their bottled beer and branded merch as well as other local produce including cider, wine, and soap among others. You can also arrange a brewery tour and tasting which can include a fish and chip supper. Do note that there is a minimum number of guests, and availability depends on working schedules. 

Chalk Hill Brewery

Rosary Road, Norwich, NR1 4DA

Chalk Hill Brewery is the longest-running independent brewery in Norwich. The custom-built, 15 barrel brew plant was developed simultaneously with the Coach and Horses next door, starting in 1993. The founders were Bill Thomas, Tiny Little, and David Blake, a group of friends with mutual interests in sailing and beer. When the pub opened in July ‘93, it served some of Chalk Hill’s first real ales, including Chalk Hill Best. This bitter has been refined over the years into the brewery’s best, and remains a favourite for many. 

They now brew a range of seven real ales, which they continue to supply the Coach and Horses, as well as the Alexandra Tavern on Stafford Street. They were first featured in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide in 2018. The brewery offers free tours on request. These are led by head brewer Robbie, and last about 45 minutes, finishing with a tasting session.