What You Need To Know About How To Shop Vintage In Norwich

As we all know, styles and fads come and go – blink and you’ll miss them. Fashion, music, furniture – really all trends have a shelf life, but then again, who says you have to follow the grain?

The beauty of vintage styling is that, in a way, it’s timeless. No matter if it’s a groovy pair of flares, a chic mirrored coffee table, or an LP of your favourite permed rock star, if it’s stayed hot for this long, there’s no sign it’s losing its appeal any time soon. Pair this with environmentally friendly and sustainable purchasing choices, today has never been a better time to buy yesterday’s gold.

Norwich is packed full of vintage gems, and we’d love to give you a crash course in our favourite locations to pick up those hidden sleepers in some of our favourite spots.


Norwich Vintage Lowells
Lowells, 8 Pottergate

Opening in May of this year, Lowell is really the new kid on the block of Norwich’s vintage scene, and it’s clear they’re doing something right. Co-owners Jack and Cat definitely put a buyer’s experience as a top priority and stepping into their charming vinyl and vintage clothing collaboration feels more like an event rather than just a quick stop and shop moment. Perhaps this is why they’re beginning to host vinyl listening events in the evenings at their store in Pottergate, raising money for Women International – promising  “cheap beer and good music”, this surely is a spot to keep your eyes on.

Lowell definitely has its own style, Jack’s vinyl side is catered towards re-issues and new vinyl, but you’re more than likely to find some high-quality vintage re-pressings in his ever-changing stock that is featured as and when they come in on Lowell’s Instagram. If high quality, stylish clothing is what you’re after, then Cat definitely has you covered, with styles spanning multiple decades, these handpicked gems will surely be the envy of any dedicated follower of (vintage) fashion.

Take a look at what Lowell is up to on their Instagram @lowellnorwich

Looses Emporium 

Norwich Vintage Looses
Looses Emporium, 23-25 Magdalen St

While it is convenient to have a whole selection of vintage goodies, seemingly catered just for you – we can’t underestimate the importance of a good snooping spot. Looses Emporium may just be the kind of place you would want to get lost in all day, and perhaps even take several days to rummage through everything they have to offer. Located on Magdalen Street (home to many vintage hot spots) this mid-century style emporium is home to over 60 different shop owners, all making deals under one roof. If vintage clothing isn’t your thing, then you are definitely not at a loss here. Offering everything from antique or vintage, reclaimed or upcycled furniture, books, records, musical instruments, paintings, and of course, heaps of clothing.

Fit for a quick visit or even a day-long snooping session, Looses Emporium is a must-see, you can find their Facebook page here.

Slayy Vintage 

Norwich Vintage Slayy Vintage
Slayy Vintage, 11 St Giles St

Speaking of new kids on the block, another addition to Norwich’s vintage renaissance is  Slayy Vintage. With a clear sense of style emanating from the late ’80s through to the ’90s, owner  Rosie Dearlove has cultivated a following in her vintage wears since 2018. Starting as a vintage clothes vendor online, and swiftly becoming the youngest owner of a stall in Norwich’s historic market, Slayy Vintage now looks over its humble beginnings in its new store on St. Giles Street.

With a noticeable line often seen outside, Slayy Vintage is proving to be a popular location for those who are into rare or different vintage branded clothing or merch – everything from classic Polo Ralph Lauren, to Harley Davidson x Looney Toons, this place might just be the spot to find that forgotten streetwear head turner.

For more information about Slayy Vintage, or their online store, check out


Norwich Vintage Soundclash
Soundclash Records, 28 St Benedicts St

We can’t talk about vintage, without talking about vinyl. While Norwich isn’t the largest city, we certainly have a more than our fair share of record shops for any budding crate-diggers, or serious collectors out there. While there are many places to rifle through vinyl (both Magdalene and St Benedicts are must-visits), we have to credit the longest standing independent record shop in all of East Anglia, Soundclash.

Opening in 1991, Soundclash proudly states it’s “survived thirty years, and three lockdowns”, and what a feat that really is. Vinyl may be one of the most turbulent trends in recent years, after being the bottom of the music pile for decades, a new ‘vinyl renaissance’ has seemed to sweep across the world – but Soundclash’s longevity, we think, is a testament to the obvious passion they bring to sharing music. Selling both new and old vinyl (and CD’s, if that’s more your jam), any jazz freak, metalhead or world music aficionado is sure to be satiated in this Norwich institution. You’ll also find, with venues and live music becoming more accessible now, Soundclash is the only in city vendor of UEA LCR and Waterfront tickets, and stock tickets for Epic Studios, as well as more arts and cultures events.

Make sure you stop by this one, find more information on their website.

So with trends coming and going like the seasons why not opt for timeless classics that were cool then, and are even cooler now. So, the next time you fancy some vintage shopping, have a look at the shops listed above and enjoy an awesome day of rummaging just a short ABC Taxi drive away.