Top Tips for Brand New Taxi Drivers

Life as an ABC taxi driver is an open door to new experiences. You’ll get to see every inch of Norwich as you drive people to where they want to go. You will be an integral part of peoples’ journeys to and from their destinations, and whether or not they arrive at their destinations promptly, and satisfied with their journeys. However, the job you’re taking on is also not without risk. While most members of the public are regular, everyday people looking to get from one location to another, it’s also without doubt that some will attempt to exploit, rob or harm you. Here are some top tips for brand new drivers to ensure that you’re providing the best service you possibly can, whilst also remaining as safe as you possibly can.

Know Your Area

One of the keys to providing an excellent taxi service is to know the area in which you operate like the back of your hand. While the days of taxi drivers needing this knowledge in the most literal sense are gone, your sat nav won’t always be reliable or accurate, and your passengers still want to arrive at their destinations, rather than a five-minute walk away. Studying the area you’re covering will provide you with an instant vault of knowledge to access that will vastly improve your service, allowing you to pick the best routes that will allow your passengers to reach their destinations in the most timely possible manner.

Kick the Tyre

Make sure to check your vehicle inside and out before you start your shift. Hopping into the driver’s seat and taking off like a rocket is a surefire way to burden yourself with equipment failures and car trouble along the way, wasting time that could be better spent ferrying potential passengers. Taxis are constantly in use and in service, so the potential for failures is much higher than your regular old car. In order to provide the best possible service, perform a quick roster of checks every time you start a shift.

Be Alert

While driving a taxi might feel exactly the same as driving your own car, you’re providing a service to others. Careful driving is even more essential in your taxi than it is when you’re off the clock. Remain alert at all times to goings-on on the road and on the pavement so that you and your passengers are as safe as you can possibly be.

Keep it Clean

No one wants to step into a taxi and be assaulted by unwelcome smells and dirt. While you might let your personal car fill up with empty takeaway bags, coffee cups and empty packets, your taxi should be a haven of cleanliness to ensure that your passengers have the most pleasant possible experience. And that goes for cleaning up their mess too. Taxi driving isn’t all sunshine and roses, and sometimes grubby passengers will leave their mess for you to clean up. Keeping on top of this is a chore, but a necessary one for the comfort of your passengers and for the reputations of you and ABC.

Cash Bags and Receipt Pads

While ABC is a thoroughly modern company, with its fleet of electric cars and digital payment system, there are many who still carry cash on them, and they’ll want to use it in your taxi. Keeping bags of cash and change is a necessity for any driver, and keeping them well-organised is even better. This will allow you to deliver change to your passengers as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving dead time between journeys and increasing your efficiency.

Don’t Flash the Cash

Another undeniable factor in taxi driving is your susceptibility to crime. Taxi drivers operate at all hours of the day and night, and while most people are perfectly kind, courteous and pleasant, there’s a chance you’ll run into some unsavoury characters. Those looking to rob taxis are almost always looking for cash. They know there’s a good chance you have it on you. This is another reason why it’s so necessary to keep your cash well organised; it allows you to conceal it more effectively. It’s best not to discuss how much cash you may or may not have on you with any passenger, they might be sizing you up to see if they can attempt a robbery.

Study Emergency Procedures

In the event of any emergency during your shift, it’s vital to be aware of safety procedures. These procedures are there to help you deal with any emergency you might encounter, and following them is the best way to resolve any issue quickly and effectively. Being able to recall these procedures accurately and implement them competently is the mark of an excellent taxi driver. It’s not just about commitment to the daily rigors of the job, it’s knowing exactly what to do in an emergency, and keeping a cool head and a steady hand whilst doing so.

Posted on November 21, 2019

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