Student Money Making Tips For Summer

With exam season coming to an end for most students, summer is calling, tempting and beckoning you to let off all the steam you’ve built up during the academic year. Long, warm evenings call for parties under the stars, and the promise of no more 8 am lectures make every late night invitation all the more irresistible. But, the harsh reality is, unless you’ve got some way of funding all of your adventures, it’s likely the majority of your summer will be spent lounging on your mum’s sofa in your pyjamas lamenting the loss of Jeremy Kyle from our daytime TV screens. Don’t worry, you don’t need to sell an organ or take part in any questionable medical testing to avoid this sour summer sentence. By employing some simple summer money making tips, you can make sure you have a blast without breaking the bank or, let’s be real here, your overdraft. While April’s loan may seem like a distant memory and September’s too far away to even think about, we’ve compiled a number of ways for cash strapped students to make a few quid on the side, without breaking the law or disappointing your parents. Read on to make sure summer 2019 is one to remember!

Find a summer job

Ok, it looks like we’re teaching to suck eggs here, however, given the small amount of time most students are at home for the summer, it’s unsurprising that many will write off the idea of finding a summer job for fear of the fact that nobody will want to hire someone who is going to disappear after 10 weeks. Students who hail from smaller towns might feel like they have an even harder job with employment opportunities limited as it is. But where there is a will there is a way, and you might be surprised at how many options there are once you start looking. Call centres and charity fundraising companies are nearly always looking for temporary or casual staff, as well as cleaning companies, factories and offices. A job doesn’t need to be advertised as a summer job for you to be considered! If you reach out to a local temping company with your availability, it’s likely they will be able to put you forward for short term positions. They often pay weekly, too, a bonus when you have a limited amount of free time to enjoy! For those who are lucky enough to call seasonal tourist hot spots home, due to the enormous influx of business these towns experience in high season, finding yourself a job for the summer should be no bother! There are options available for everyone, even if you live slap bang in the middle of nowhere. Read on to find out more!


When you come from a really small village that most people have never heard of, you can often feel overlooked. You might live in a place where the total summation of civilisation is a corner shop and a post office. We hear you, we see you, we have options! University students have and are in the process of, by virtue of their studies, developing key skills that are valued by employers. But, in the meantime, they can also make you money! Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in websites that connect freelancers with clients, facilitating a speedy process for a client who needs a job doing and a freelancer who wants to get paid. You name it, there will be people online who need it: copywriting, graphic design, web development, scientific research, legal paper writing, editing, proofreading, the list goes on! Websites such as Upwork, SolidGigs, FlexJobs and Fiverr allow you to search for jobs that match your skillset, bid for them and then you get paid upon delivery, as long as the client is happy. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to build your CV or portfolio, it can also keep the cash flowing throughout the summer holidays. Competition for jobs can be high, so don’t rely on this as your sole income, however, the more jobs you do well the more you will get, so get working!


You might think it’s odd to think of tutoring as a good money making activity for the summer. As much as you’re loving life having finished all of your exams, the majority of school kids are too, right? While that is true, there are always going to be overzealous parents out there who are keen to give their kids the upper hand at school when September rolls around again. And why not? With an influx of university students returning home with empty wallets and heads filled with knowledge, employing university students to tutor kids can be a win-win. Given that it’s outside of school time, it’s less pressure on the student as it’s likely you’ll just be helping maintain a level of academic engagement throughout the summer so the return to school isn’t such a shock for the kid. And for you? Cash! You can make upwards of £10 an hour tutoring, not bad considering you’d earn a lot less in McDonald’s. It’s another fantastic CV builder as well, and if you can gain some good testimonials from clients, you could end up with enough clients to fund your whole summer, year after year! Happy teaching!  

If you’ve read and digested all of the above and are thinking that this working malarkey isn’t for you, and your summer of fun is more important, we hear you and you will not be forgotten! If you’re determined to stretch that loan out as far as you possibly can, like Jesus feeding the 5000, but it’s you and the remaining 12 weeks of summer, then you’re in luck – our next blog will be focused on student budgeting tips and will include all the best ways for you to scrimp, save an economise your way to your next loan. And if you’ve got a genius summer student money making tip that we haven’t included above, let us know on social media!

Posted on May 29, 2019

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