Ideas For Late Summer Days Out

It’s just a couple of weeks now until school starts up again and by now you might be fast running out of ideas on how to keep the family entertained. After all, fun activities cost money, and now it’s been a few weeks you might be feeling the pinch! In that spirit, we’ve come up with a few fun ideas for later summer days out to keep the whole family happy. We’ve focused on things to do that won’t cost the earth but will hopefully help you to create great memories together and have so much fun that your kids will be telling all their friends about when they see them again! Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, so read on and let us take on a bit of the leg work for you for once! You deserve it!

Picnic In The Park

While the weather has been up and down so far this summer, we have been blessed with some absolutely stunning, scorching days, so while the weather holds out, a picnic in the park is a great way to make the most of the sunshine, give the kids a chance to get some all important exercise and it’s cheap and cheerful. By making a hamper up at home with sandwiches, drinks and snacks you can keep the costs down, but also most supermarkets now offer a wide range of affordable, ready to eat finger food that you can grab and go enjoy. Take some balls or sports equipment to use the space to its fullest extent. Hopefully by the end of a full day enjoying the park the kids will be so knackered they’ll be straight to bed, which would be a result for all!

Try Out A Museum

Most museums are either free to enter or very low cost, so consider taking the family along for a low cost day out. With school just around the corner, it presents the perfect opportunity to get the kids into the spirit of learning again. Make it fun by showing how excited you are about all of the exhibits yourself. They’re sure to get wrapped up in it and love running around looking at all of the interesting artefacts behind glass and learning things they’ve never heard about before. With such a wide variety of museums around the UK, you’re sure to be able to find one local to you that is focused around a topic you or your family would love to find out more about. And think, if everyone gets the museum bug, there’d be many more great trips out to look forward to!

Head To The Cinema

It wasn’t too long ago that a cinema trip for a family of four could have cost upwards of £50. Whether it was due to falling attendance or just coming to their senses, many cinemas have slashed their prices down to much more palatable levels, with some offering deals on certain days of the week that are nigh on unbelievable. With tickets as little as £1.50 each, it’s a great opportunity to go and see the latest new release at a fraction of what it would have cost you a few years ago. Great for colder, rainy days that otherwise would have been spent lounging around the house dealing with a very bored, restless family!

Creative Crafts

Doing an activity where you can take home a souvenir always feels like an extra special treat. In recent years there has been an explosion in so called ‘craft cafes’ where you can go and enjoy a nice hot beverage while taking part in some kind of creative activity. From pottery to painting, you can create to your heart’s extent then take home your work to admire for a long time to come. If there’s nothing like this near you, you can always try it at home. No, not strictly a day out, but taking a quick trip to a local hobby store you can find an enormous range of things to try, such as mosaics, stained glass, ceramic painting, you name it, you can try it! 

We hope you find one of the tips above helpful. A great thing to remember towards the end of the summer is the more you can get the whole family excited about learning, the easier the transition into the new school year will be. Our next blog will be focused on fun ideas to get the kids ready for the new school year, so stay tuned for that coming soon!

Posted on September 2, 2019

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