ABC Taxis Quiz | Put Your Norfolk Slang to the test!

Ar yer orrite bor?

Norfolk’s dialect is rich with slang terms that put our individual stamp on the English language. Even if you haven’t been here long, you’re bound to pick up a few. Even if you haven’t been to Norfolk at all, some of our words have ventured out! Ever been frazzled? Norfolk invented being frazzled. So you don’t get yourself lost in a loke, ABC Taxis has put together a Norfolk slang quiz. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


You passed! You know your Norfolk slang and your vocabulary is (apologies) Broads. You’ll feel at home anywhere in the county. Try sharing your Norfolkisms with your friends!

Better luck next time. So your knowledge of Norfolk slang needs some work… That’s okay! What it means is there’s a wonderful dialect for you to discover and explore. Take a listen and see if you can pick up some Norfolkisms as you go!

#1. When someone "spuffles", they

#2. What is a "tizzick"?

#3. When someone likes to "ha and hacker"...

#4. Which one of these is a pollywiggle?

#5. Which of these is a pishamire?

#6. King Harry's come to stay! Prepare the castle! Erm... which one is he again?

#7. Help me translate: "Keep yew a troshin'"

#8. Translate: "That craze me"

#9. Translate: "That's a rummun"


Hope you had fun with our quiz! There are plenty of ways to get better with your Norfolk Slang. Friends of Norfolk Dialect (FOND) has a fantastic glossary and a library of interesting books on the subject. Of course, there’s no better way than to just get out there and see the county for yourself. For taking a trip to deeper Norfolk, just give ABC Taxis a ring or a message!

Posted on April 15, 2021

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