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Towards the end of September, the government announced new measures to tackle the spread of Coronavirus.  We are coming towards the end of the first year of ‘new normality’, a daunting prospect that is necessary to curb the rise of infections and keep the ever-present R number below 1.  So ABC Taxis are here to clarify the new restrictions, laws and guidance as of October 2020. Also to point you in the right direction of any useful resources you may require to feel confident and informed whilst maintaining a healthy and engaging lifestyle.

Wash Hands
wash your hands regularly 
Cover Face.
Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces
Make Space.
Stay at least 2 metres apart

Social Contact

One of the main initiatives in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 is the restriction of social contact.  The government provides detailed guidance on socialising with other people safely but here is a basic breakdown.

Visiting people indoors.

People who don’t live with each other are allowed to socialise in groups of 6.  However social distancing should be maintained.  Exemptions from this limit include larger households and support bubbles. 

Meeting people outdoors.

The same rules apply for meeting people outdoors as indoors.  Social distancing must be maintained and the number of people in a group must still be limited to 6.  However, if your household or support group is larger than this limit then that number is the largest permitted number of people you are allowed to meet with at any one time.

Are children included in the group of 6.  

Yes children are absolutely included in the group of 6.  

Can i use public transport? 

ABC Taxis has a stringent disinfection procedure and follows strict measures to help tackle the spread of the virus.  All customers are advised to wear a face-covering while travelling with ABC Taxis.  Plus we provide contactless payments and a convenient passenger booking app that is available from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Download the ABC Taxis Passenger Booking App.

So providing the number of people you attend with is limited to no more than 6, and the venue is COVID-19 Secure, you are able to conduct a fairly normal lifestyle;

Here are some day to day activities you are still able to do whilst observing the rule of 6;

  • Staying overnight in somebody else’s house
  • Looking after the grandchildren
  • Visit most indoor and outdoor tourist sites
  • Play organised sports
  • Go Shopping, visit the bank, post office 
  • Day trips
  • Send teenagers to their youth club
  • Visiting Restaurants, Pubs and Places of Worship
  • Go to hobby club, musical rehearsal and other leisure activities
  • Go to support group
  • Send your child to school
  • Attending Weddings, Civil Partnerships and Funerals Ceremonies* 

*Subject to a maximum limit of 15 people (not including those working at the event) for Weddings, Wedding Receptions and Civil Partnerships.  With a seated only rule applied to wedding receptions.  Funerals are limited to a maximum of 30 people attending with individual funeral providers limiting capacity based on the ability to accommodate social distancing within the space of the funeral location. 

Guidance on wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships can be found here.

Guidance on Funerals can be found here.

Should i feel comfortable going back to my workplace?

It is advised that office workers who can work effectively remotely should work from home over the winter. However the UK Government states that “public sector employees working in essential services including education settings, should continue to go into work where necessary”.  

What if i am clinically extremely vulnerable?

For people who are clinically extremely vulnerable you should feel safe to go back to work providing measures have been put in place by your employer to ensure that your workplace is COVID-19 Secure.  How it is advised that you should continue to work from home wherever possible.

But of course, there is some ambiguity with what is permitted on a city by city basis with the introduction of Local Covid alert levels. 

Local COVID alert levels: what you need to know

The government’s ongoing commitment to reducing the spread of the virus has led to a dynamic containment framework to manage outbreaks.  The main aim of the initiative is to empower local authorities to act upon the earliest stages of localised COVID-19 incidents and to intervene with the correct procedures and protocol at the right time.  Your local area will be assigned a COVID alert level ranging from Medium to Very High and restrictions will be in place accordingly based on that level.  

Check the local COVID alert level of your postcode to find out what restrictions are in place in your location.

Local COVID alert level: medium

  • The number of people allowed to socialise is limited to 6 in a group.  This applies to indoor and outdoor meetings other than where an exemption applies.
  • Provided businesses put measures in place to ensure they are COVID-Secure they can continue to operate.
  • Businesses that serve food and drink must close between 10 pm and 5 am and customers must be seated whilst they consume their purchases.
  • businesses and venues offering food can operate after 10 pm providing it is facilitated through delivery, click and collect or a drive-through.
  • schools and universities are open.
  • places of worship are open.
  • Weddings, wedding receptions and funerals can go ahead with restrictions on the numbers of people allowed to attend.
  • Indoor and outdoor exercise classes and organised sports can continue to operate providing the rule of 6 is observed.

Local COVID alert level: high

In addition to the restrictions in place at Covid alert level medium the following measures will be in place.

  • You can not meet with anybody outside of your household or support bubble in any public or private indoor location.
  • Socialising outside in groups in excess of 6 people is prohibited other than where specific exemptions apply.
  • Some businesses are still closed by law.  All other businesses and venues can continue to operate providing measures are in place to ensure that they are COVID-secure.
  • You can continue to travel to venues or amenities that are open, for work or to access education, but should look to use means of transport that reduce the amount of time you spend in close proximity to people, such as an ABC Taxi.

Local COVID alert level: very high

Areas with a very high level of infections will see tighter restrictions put in place. These restrictions can vary between areas so please make sure you check the specific rules in your location.  In addition to the restrictions in place at Covid alert level high, the following baseline measures will be in place.

  • Pubs and bars will be closed unless substantial meals are served.  Alcohol may only be served as part of that meal.
  • Schools and universities will continue to operate.
  • Places of worship will be open, but mixing between households is prohibited.
  • Weddings and Funerals will be allowed to take place but with a limit to the number of people attending. 
  • Wedding receptions are prohibited.
  • Travelling into or out of a very-high alert level area should be kept to a minimum wherever possible.

As well as these baseline measures, local authorities may impose further restrictions in order to reduce the rate of infection. These additional interventions could include the following:

  • Further restrictions to the hospitality industry.
  • The temporary closing of venues of entertainment and local tourist attractions.
  • Leisure centres and gyms closed.
  • The closing of some community initiatives and centres such as libraries and youth clubs.

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