A Tasty Guide to Norwich’s World Cuisines

Norfolk has always had the reputation, unfairly or not, for being a county rather removed from the rest of England; and with Norwich as its capital, there’s no surprise that this stereotype extends to our city too. While yes, there are a few eccentricities that are unique to the fine city, we believe that Norwich’s reputation as a culturally homogeneous city is well and truly false – even better, we can prove it…

All anyone needs to do is make the rounds of Norwich, just for a little while, hit up the top spots like our famous market or the Lanes, and look around. What you’ll discover is hidden all around this city are what are seemingly endless doorways into other cultures. Each and every region worldwide can be summed up by its cuisine, and when cultures cross, the ability to experience the flavours of someone else’s home is a privilege that we should all take advantage of.

That’s why today we’re taking you on an ABC tour of Norwich’s world restaurants, from Asia to Africa to the Americas – here’s our dream list for any foody with an affinity for the foreign! 

Namaste Village

Ask anyone in the UK, which foreign cuisine they are most familiar with, they would probably say Indian. It’s been a staple of English nights out for what feels like forever! However, it takes a certain kind of eatery, and more specifically, certain knowledge and passion of the cuisine to transcend the classic curry. 

Namaste – no really, that’s the name… technically it’s Namaste Village, but we can’t make a joke out of that. Enough joking around, fundamentally if you haven’t experienced the taste of an authentic and family-run Indian restaurant, then you need to look no further than this veritable palace of a curry house!

Located on Queens Road, this new Norwich staple has been serving some of the finest vegetarian curries in the county since 2016 – and perhaps it was simply a coincidence that Frodo House, the building the restaurant is housed in, was built by a vegetarian in 1887. With a capacity of over 150, there is always certainty an opportunity to really make this a big blow-out evening. Namaste state themselves that their venue is perfect for all kinds of events, especially weddings.

The kind owners at Namaste don’t just want to max capacity constantly however and utilise their beautiful building by holding street food evenings and all sorts of other events so you can get as authentic a taste of India as possible.

Check out their website here to see their menu, find out more and make a booking!


Speaking of family businesses, this one is one of our personal favourites – we asked before what world cuisine the UK was most suited to. While a classic Indian probably is still number one, our number cannot be far behind. That’s right, we’re talking about pizza, and if you want to get as accurate a taste of real Italian pizza as possible, Saporita has got you covered.

This family-run restaurant in the centre of town is really something special – you can tell as soon as you walk in through the salubrious front door, that’s tucked away just well enough to hide in plain sight. The homeyness of a legitimate Italian eatery washes over you instantly, the cosy table, the authentic interior design, the Italian deli and of course the rich smell of authentic Italian cuisine drifting out through the open kitchen window.

It’s perfection.

Beginning its life in 1980 as a market stand called Panino Pizza, this haven for all things Italian has definitely earned all the praise it receives as one of the highest-rated restaurants in Norwich. 

Definitely one for a date night or a sit-down meal with an old friend, don’t miss out on Saportita. Have a browse through their menu and their story here.

Bun Box

Last month we walked you through a brief history of Norwich Market – this month now we want to take you inside to see what they have to offer, especially when it comes to tasting world cuisines!

If you’re riding the wave of the popularisation of Japanese culture, and you’re looking to sink your teeth into some bao of Hirata buns, look no further than Bun Box. This multi-stall mainstay has been the obsession with many Japan-enthusiasts and casual foodies for a few years now, and it’s easy to see why – with friendly-looking food, even more friendly staff and flavours that would whet the appetite of even the pickiest of eaters, if you’re passing through the market between Monday and Saturday, take a trip to Bun Box!

Feeling peckish?

We sincerely apologise for any sudden increase in appetite this week’s blog might have caused, however, if you have succumbed to a wave of food envy, we’ve got a quick fix – book yourself a table, and while you’re at it, an ABC Taxi to get you chowing down as soon as possible.

Let yourself unwind in any one of these incredible world restaurants, let us be the designated driver, and let yourself fully embrace the culture of another country. Get in contact via our online booking system, download our app for iOS and Android or call us on 01603 666333!