8 Lockdown Fundraising Ideas

Here at ABC, we are always keen to do what we can for charities and community projects.  Our recent pay-it-forward campaign aimed at providing NHS staff with transport to and from work has raised £2,770 to date. , Covid-19 has had a huge effect on our lives and has affected families throughout Norfolk.  Our current campaign aims to support the wonderful work Nelson’s Journey does. A fantastic local charity working tirelessly to support children and young people up to their 18th birthday who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life.    

Taking on a fundraising challenge not only helps change the lives of others but it can also be beneficial to our own health and mental well-being.  Research conducted by Harvard University found that people who contributed their own time and money into fundraising and charitable activities were “42 per cent more likely to be happy”.   Similar research from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that volunteering can improve our cardiovascular health and reduce blood pressure.

ABC Taxis charity campaign for Nelsons Journey
ABC Taxis Pay It Forward campaign for NHS Staff

Check out these eight awesome ways you can help charities and fundraise from home.

1. Donating your savings

Donating your savings can make a big impact

Some people have been fortunate enough to maintain an income through these unprecedented times. In some cases, the lack of commuting, gym memberships and a change in eating habits means that people are actually saving money. There’s certainly less money being spent on cafes, childcare, petrol and haircuts.

Are you making a saving? Why not pledge to donate some of your savings to ABC Taxis chosen charity and try and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

2. Lockdown hair cut

One day the hairdressers will reopen

Now we are by no means recommending you follow any online tutorials. But if you are isolated with family or flatmates then why not take the opportunity to ask for sponsorship for your hair to be cut by one of them.

Make a video and take photo’s of the event to share online so that all your supporters can see the results. Or check out this hilarious list of lockdown haircut fails if you’d prefer to simply laugh at other peoples attempts.

3. Challenge yourself!

Home workouts can have their pro’s and con’s.

It’s vital to maintain our physical health and look after our mental well being during the lockdown and staying fit and following exercise regimes have been proven to help with both. Check out the Fitness Programme section in our recent Blog 10 Things To Do At Home During Lockdown for some ideas of how to remain active while the gyms are closed and freedom is still somewhat restricted.

So give yourself a daily exercise challenge and set daily targets like the number of steps or a target distance, and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

4. Gaming Tournament

Fortnite is one of the worlds leading online multiplayer games

Online gaming has obviously spiked whilst everyone has been told to stay at home. Challenge your friends to a gaming tournament. There are loads of popular titles so choose the game you want to play and host it on twitch. Ask your friends and family to participate, follow and donate.

5. Online club

Organising an online club can be rewarding and insightful

You can join a virtual club of virtually any kind these days (pun intended). Whether your interests lie in art, books, films, music, theatre, television or any other subject imaginable, you will find like-minded individuals online. Organise your own virtual club and discuss your favourite books and films with your family, friends and colleagues. Let people join for a small entry fee and give the proceeds to charity.

6. Organise an Online quiz

Organise an online quiz

Why not host an online pub quiz, break down your subjects and ask some tough trivia questions about each. Or ask all participants to upload video tours of their homes and play ‘Whose house is this’. This is a fun intellectual challenge for your family and friends and you can ask for an entry fee to take part. If you’re stuck for inspiration then check out this list of great isolation quiz ideas.

7. Clear out you cupboards and Ebay the clutter

You can sell your unwanted stuff online

If you’re a hoarder like me then no doubt you have boxes upon boxes of unused clutter. My personal weakness is throwing away leads and adaptors. One day they will come in useful but years down the line of a lot of the things I’ve kept are now obsolete and are ready to be thrown out. However, hidden amongst all the trash there may be some gems that are too valuable to throw out, but which you have no need for. These items are perfect for sticking on eBay, Gumtree or any of your preferred marketplaces.

8. Hold a virtual Fancy Dress party.

Everyone can get involved in your online fancy dress party

You can create a theme for your virtual fancy dress party and the whole family can get involved. Invite people to dress up and organise some great online party games and have a prize for the best outfit. Charge a small entry fee for everyone invited.

Although most of the information provided relates to public events and not specifically virtual fundraising events hosted online during lockdown. The UK gov website provides some useful information and guidance about how to safely and responsibly organise fundraising events.

Posted on May 25, 2020

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