3 Of The Best Museums In Norwich

Farewell Summer! The Autumn equinox has come and gone, and we can feel it in the air. The days of revelling in those sunny afternoons, till the warm early evening, picnicking in the park, or sitting by the river, are coming to an end. However, after all that we’ve been through, who wants to stay at home?

At ABC Taxis, we’re committed to making sure you’re making the most of being out and about! While the Autumn and Winter months are rolling in, we’re happy to say that some of our favourite galleries and museums are re-opening, just in time to keep you out of the cold, yet still preserve your cultural cravings! 

Many of these stops are already accepting members of the public to visit, while others are still in the re-opening process, so make sure to take a look at their websites, so you can book your journey with us at the right time! With that out the way, let’s start our guide with a few locations in the Fine City itself:

Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle

Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a guide of museums and heritage sites without Norwich Castle, yet who are we to argue with one of the most popular and important locations in the centre of Norwich? Following the Norman conquest by William the Conqueror in 1066, nearly one hundred Saxon homes were demolished in 1067 to make way for the construction of a wooden fort. This iconic piece of East Anglian history was not transformed to the impressive stone structure, keep and all, until 1121, the construction itself outliving the monarch who commissioned it, William II.

The different uses of Norwich Castle over the span of its existence are reason enough to visit – from its beginnings as a strategic emplacement for the Normans, to a royal palace that was only used once, then to its transition as the city gaol, holding some of the worst criminals to come out of Norfolk, the castle is truly one of those locations that make Norwich a historical haven!

Unfortunately, the iconic stone keep is closed for the time being. Ongoing renovations on the structure mean that only the interior castle and museum are open to the public at this point, but with the cold weather steadily moving in, spending a day inside a marvel of 12th-century architecture doesn’t sound too bad.

For more information about visiting Norwich Castle and what they have to offer, visit their website at

Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts 

The Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts

If a historical day out is not what you’re looking for, but you still need that much needed cultural hit, be sure to check out the Sainsbury Center. Both art aficionados and history buffs will delight in this wonderfully maintained, and lovingly curated collection of world and modern art.

Located on the UEA campus, the Sainsbury Center has located a little way out of the city, a perfect opportunity to take advantage of our first-class eco-friendly transportation solutions! Found at the southern end of campus, the now-iconic grade II listed building was completed in 1973 by the then relatively unknown architect Norman Foster – the installations outside are peppered with works by Henry Moore, which should give you an idea of what to expect within. You may be wondering if Sainsbury is really that Sainsbury and the answer are yes – the collection has been gathered, and many works donated by the English supermarket giants.

The gallery is home to one of the most varied collections – exhibiting ancient art emanating from across the globe, to more recent pieces by Degas, Bacon, and even Picasso! The best part of all is that the main gallery is completely free to the public, and even contains a coffee shop and restaurant. Long-running exhibitions are often introduced and can be booked online and at the gallery. To see what the Sainsbury centre can offer, or to book an exhibit, visit

Norfolk Tank Museum

Norfolk Tank Museum

Now this visit is really more for the military mad folk out there – those who are more World War One rather than War of the Roses! Norfolk has one of the richest, yet also most hidden, heritages of military history! Being the home for both the RAF, and the US Air Force, and the grounds for the UK’s development of nuclear weaponry, it’s no surprise that Norfolk is home to some of the most extensive military history museums in the country, one of which being the Norfolk Tank Museum.

There is undeniable awe that comes with seeing a real behemoth of a tank, first-hand. It really is an experience that is shared by all ages, and Norfolk Tank Museum really is a fun-for-all-the-family location. It is always a pleasure to find a non-profit museum that truly devotes itself to a purely educational cause! The exhibitions that the volunteer staff maintain are varied and special – home to pieces spanning from, Deborah II, a replica Mark IV WWI tank, to collections of American, Russian, and Swedish armoured vehicles, let alone an extensive collection of small arms and other militaria from around the world and different conflicts!

The museum is currently holding an exhibition that follows the day to day life of a 19th-century soldier, from the home front to the days in battle, and also is known to host impressive live events where visitors can ride inside these great metal machines! A great educational tool for children with a mind for history, and also a great reminder of the sacrifices made during history’s toughest periods, Norfolk Tank Museum receives a ‘must visit’ from us.

Located just south of Norwich, just ask our dedicated team of drivers for the best way to visit this great location – for more information, and to read their blog, visit

We know that there are only three must-see stops on our guide today, we felt it important to give something to the Historians, the Artists and the Militarians on this one – but remember to keep checking in, because there is so much to explore in this fine city, and here at our ABC Blog, we want to help plan the memorable adventures around you! Check-in regularly to find more intrepid exploration advice!  

Posted on October 18, 2021

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